Let’s not find out !! See how to hide applications on Oppo Hp

How do you hide applications on an Oppo mobile phone without an application? Test the method as follows.

For those of you who are really interested in your privacy, especially the things on your cell phone, you certainly do not want other people to know what is on your cell phone.

So, we have to keep our privacy as good as possible in order to prevent ignorant people from accessing our mobile phones.

In addition, our friends who often borrow our mobile phones, instead of us banning it, better hide it, so that others do not know.

Then how to hide it? Here is a tutorial on how to hide applications on Oppo a53, a3s, f1s, a12, a92 mobile phones and all oppo mobile phones that already support the settings. See details below.

How to hide apps on Oppo Hp without apps?

How to hide applications on Oppo Hp

Step 1: First, select the menu ‘Agreement‘and then click’Security“and select”Application encryption.

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Step 2: Then select the applications you want to hide.

Step 3: then the option will appearEnable password verificationand then you need to set the password in numeric format.

Step 4: Access numbers must start and end with #, the middle digit can only contain 1 to 16 digits. for example – # 6969 #.

Step 5: After setting your access number, select the option ‘Done’.

Then check and see how you can display the applications you have hidden behind the home page.

Step 1: Open the “call” menu on your Oppo phone.

Step 2: Then tap the password you used before to hide the application. then you can see the application on your homepage.

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How to hide applications on Oppo Hp

Once we know the trick, try to do it on your Oppo phone and this applies to Oppo onsel which has Color OS version 5 and newer.

Or you can also use some of the apps in the google play store that you can use for free.

Try the most popular application Animated photo applications | MyHeritage and also How to fix the login error in MyheritageHow to fix the login error in Myheritage.

How can we find out if there is a hidden application on the Oppo phone?

How to hide apps on Oppo Hp without apps

Suppose you go out on a date, and you are afraid that your friend is cheating on you and hiding the application on your Oppo phone, you can find out very easily, that’s right.

  • Open the settings menu on the oppo phone
  • Then look for the security menu
  • Next, look in the Privacy Menu section and check if there is application encryption in the menu,
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For example, if it says “Encrypt 2 Apps” then it is certain that there is an application on the phone that is locked or hidden.

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At present, we are obliged to protect our privacy from others as securely as possible, because at the moment there are many cases that can harm us, the owner of the mobile phone.

But in a love affair or spouse, do not hide it, later, your relationship may collapse hehehe.

Well, that’s all for Ren discussing how to hide apps on Oppo mobile phones without using apps too easily. Hopefully this article is helpful, guys, until we meet again in the next article. I love you all

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