“Lips are the shape of love, eii ger4mnya ..” – Netizen

The most special gift for the husbands in combination with the father’s day, the first post of Elisya Sandha after she became a mother attracts the attention of the fans. Alahai Comelnya Bibir Baby Bunga El Haq. Tiny and red, like a pomegranate !!

Yesterday, June 18, was a historic date for actors Elisya Sandha and Uzair Haqimy, when their eldest child was born safely. A healthy and perfect little girl is the beacon of this couple’s life.

Not only Elisya and Uzair, but also Shiela Rusly and Fasha Sandha are also excited about the birth of this little one. Sheila shared a video with the little girl’s fingers on her social media, while Fasha informed about the name of her new niece.

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Examining Elisya Sandha’s Instagram account, many photos were shared with the hands of Elisya, Uzair and their baby. This is suspension first Elisha after she officially became a mother.

The beginning of a new episode in the lives of the three of them, Bunga El Haq who is 9 months pregnant will forever be in the arms of Elisya. This year, the most special gift for Uzair is the celebration of Father’s birthday with baby Bunga.

Let’s read the notification below:

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This notification from Elisya has already caught the attention of fans and among the fan comments we can share for readers:

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“Congratulations Elisya and husband. S3xy lips my baby, so cute. Adudu mulut tu baby hehe, χαριτωμένο Masya Allah … “

“Cute baby name, thank God and congratulations to Elisya and her husband. Her lips, cute right. Red re … “

Ngaww baby bunga, beautiful girl. So cantik dan her name makes sense. Bunga Elhaq will be loved completely and forever .. “

Congratulations Saang. All the best in this new journey. It is definitely an exciting but also satisfying … “

“Oh her lips, but her lips are sweet. Red lips .. Congratulations saturated tok mami gom0i Flowers later .. »

“Lips have the shape of love, ee ger4mnya. S3ksi knows the baby’s mouth, his lips are red. I hope to be a pious Bunga child … “

“Congratulations, her lips are red like a pomegranate. His lips are very cute, look at this mouth with his mother .. “

Hello baby Bunga, your lips are red like a pomegranate. Of course, fans can’t wait to see the full face of baby Bunga later. Anyway, these lips are very cute. Growing up healthy is always a flower. For Uzair and Elisya, good night, hehe.

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Source: IG Elisya Sandha, IG Bunga Elhaq

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