Make sure Crypto and Trading Robots are not closed by this OJK – The following is a list of 9 Crypto applications and trading robots recently closed by the Investment Working Group (SWI) under the auspices of the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

You need to check one by one and make sure that it does not use this encryption and robot transaction application. Because OJK SWI has officially closed everything and maybe you can be affected by it.

The SWI OJK shut down 9 cryptocurrencies and trading robots because not all of them were registered with the Commerce Department’s Commodity Supervision Agency (CoFTRA). Therefore, the SWI OJK can act decisively on these applications and robots

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“Be careful with investment offers on fixed-income cryptocurrencies (corrections) because they are driven by irresponsible parties,” said SWI President Tongam L. Tobing recently.

The following is a list of 9 cryptocurrency and robot trading applications closed by OJK, citing the Hiteko-Ayosemarang Network:

  1. CSPMINE – Money Gambling with Crypto Asset Investment Offer Mode.
  2. Sultan Digital Payments – Crypto Asset Investment Offer without license
  3. 24ct Gold Community – Gold Investment Offer with Direct Sale System without License or Money Play
  4. Platinumindo – Money game
  5. Royalq Indonesia – Unauthorized marketing of robots or cryptocurrencies
  6. Maxima Margin Trading Robot – Trade Robot Trading without license
  7. Revenue Mas Star Trading Robot – Trade Robot Trading without license
  8. Tikvee – Uang game
  9. PT Rechain Digital Indonesia – Trading Crypto Vidy Coin Asset and Vidyx without permission.
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Encryption applications and robots are indeed one of the most popular lately. Because these two activities are claimed to be able to provide maximum benefits in a relatively short period of time.

However, due to its popularity, many irresponsible people create similar applications but original documents. As it should be, Crypto trading activities, including the display of the Crypto Merchants list and the list of cryptocurrency assets, must be authorized by CoFTRA, as the authority that regulates and oversees Crypto.

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