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June 16, 2022 โ€ข 3 minutes Reading

Massage has been practiced by many different cultures around the world as a form of ancient healing for many physical ailments tens of thousands of years ago. Most Filipinos are familiar with the term “Hilotor massage, a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. The massage can range from a light stroke to a deep pressure.

Our society has convinced us that massage is a luxury and not a necessity. However, it not only helps in managing pain, but it is also beneficial for mental health.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of ‘Hilotยป, By Organic Facts:

1. Relieves stress

Stress and other mental disorders related to lifestyle stress quickly afflict the majority of the population, unfortunately they become their permanent companions. To help treat such disorders, regular massage sessions may be helpful. They can help you relax and better manage stress.

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2. Infant development

Baby massage sessions are recommended by doctors around the world. Helps in the process of weight gain in infants, especially in premature babies. Helps to make muscle tissues stronger than before.

3. Diabetes Management

Helps control blood sugar levels, especially in children. Massage is also recommended as a therapeutic and preventive practice in children with diabetes.

4. Strengthens the immune system

Massage therapy can prove to be an effective practice to help your body develop a strong immune system. It can help build protective cells in the body to neutralize attackers such as viruses and bacteria that cause infections.

5. Supports cancer care

Patients receiving chemotherapy may experience side effects such as anxiety, fatigue, nausea, pain, and even depression. A study shows that massage can help reduce these symptoms in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and may help improve their overall psychological well-being. Cancer Council NSW and Cancer Research UK recommend that massage help cancer patients cope with pain, headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety.

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6. Improves sleep

It brings your body into a spell and allows you to fall into deep relaxation, which leads to healthy and proper sleep for patients with sleep disorders. One session after a long day is enough to eliminate the exhaustion in your body and guarantee a good night’s sleep to replenish your energy.

7. Reduces Pain

This increasingly popular form of alternative therapy is recommended by doctors and surgeons to their patients who are suffering from pain, especially after surgery. Apart from this, migraine pain and back pain can also be relieved by using massage therapy.

8. Stimulates the Nervous System

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It removes the tension that dissolves in the nerves of the human body. Thus, our nervous system is recharged by massaging and returns to its normal function.

9. Increases blood circulation

If a person can indulge in a massage, it can end up with improved blood circulation throughout the body. Massage sessions help the blood carry the necessary amounts of oxygenated blood throughout the body at an improved rate. Also, the healing power and speed of our body increase after a massage. A scalp massage can help increase blood circulation to the scalp and nourish it, helping to stimulate hair growth and even reduce graying.

Indeed, massage is a physical and mental therapy at the same time. If you do not massage regularly, start now?

Stay healthy and safe!

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