Naoki Yoshida: Final Fantasy XVI Will Be Darker and Mature

Continuing the discussion about the latest Square Enix game, today we get another interesting detail about Final Fantasy XVI. After such a long delay, Naoki Yoshida as the producer of Final Fantasy XVI said that the game would be darker and more mature. How will it be; Lets continue the latest news of the game NEXT.

First announced in early 2021, Final Fantasy XVI is the first game to have an M-Rated rating in the entire history of the Final Fantasy franchise. Shortly after the announcement of the news to the public, fans began to ask the real reason. Fortunately, Yoshi P as the game’s producer gave a specific explanation for why he made that decision.

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Final Fantasy XVI becomes the first Final Fantasy game with an M Rating

Through an interview report we received via the GameSpot multimedia site, Naoki Yoshida explained that he deliberately sought a higher score to open up his team’s creativity to be wider. He also said that they wanted to continue exploring the “ideal conflict” and questioned whether his characters should follow their fate or not.

“When you try to tell a story with a difficult subject, these evaluations can be an obstacle. “We have to change the things that need to be done in the game based on these scores,” said Yoshida. “This time, to ensure that we can tell the story we want, we decided to follow adult ratings in most of the areas where the game will be released.”

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“Final Fantasy XVI will not be a happy story,” says Yoshi P

In another report we were late Washington Post, the producer also said that “It ‘s not that we just want to make the game more Gore or clearer, it’ s that we feel the need to explore more mature issues that the game can handle.” In fact, Yoshi P has shown that the game “is not going to be a happy story”.

For those of you who could not wait, Final Fantasy XVI still does not show a specific release date. However, the studio has confirmed that this game will be released in 2023 exclusively through the Playstation 5 console. As usual, you can pre-order directly through the Playstation Store page. Are you ready to buy this game?

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