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T-shirt design ideas: Saree is India’s favorite dress. A saree is imperfect without a blouse. Every woman likes to wear a saree, along with a blouse with an attractive design, the beauty of the saree increases even more. A good comfortable, well-designed and colored blouse is very important to give a better and more beautiful look to any saree.

To make your saree look nice and attractive. Different types of t-shirt designs can be made for different sarees. If you have a collection of t-shirts, then you can give a new look every time wearing the same saree with different t-shirts and also surprise the spectators.

There is no comparison with the appearance that every woman has in a saree. By the way, choosing a t-shirt design for each saree is also a challenge, so choose the t-shirt design according to the saree suit and comfort and give a new avatar to your look. Nowadays girls also pay more attention to the designs of blouses than saree.

Although there are countless t-shirt designs available in the market, we will give you information on which t-shirt design will suit us best depending on our saree and our function. In the absence of information, how many times do we continue to sew the same type of t-shirt.

How to give a modern look to yourself

ΤηςBlouse back designs

Most blouses have a back design. The back is the back of the blouse and will never be out of season. On the back, you can choose necks of different shapes such as U-neck, V-neck, circular, U-shaped dip, etc. The Dip U neckline makes any blouse sexy. Enough to give the look.

We have also seen many actors in a deep neck with a single bow that looks quite elegant. In the back design of the blouse, we can also make the desired design around the neck with machine embroidery, fancy buttons, glossy lace etc. In the design of the back, making the neck of the blouse bigger, you can put a drawstring on the shoulders and the pearl pendant etc. on the drawstring looks very luxurious and beautiful.

Simple t-shirt designs

When the saree is very embroidered, keep the design of the blouse simple, which will make the saree look stand out. In Simple Blouse Design, you can give the desired shape to the front neck and the back neck of the blouse. Workers in the daily kitchen, women who go to the office prefer simple t-shirt designs, so as not to worry about itching, itching, sweating on the upper body and remain comfortable. Keeping the design of the blouse simple in cotton, georgette sarees that can be worn all day gives a very comfortable feeling.

The blouse has a round neckline, half sleeve.

ΚαιLatest and new t-shirt designs

If you want to look more elegant in a wedding or in any special function, then you should try the latest and new blouse design.

Bralette blouse designs:

Today the bralette blouse design is very much in trend. You can wear a bralette blouse with branded saree or with a saree with heavy embroidery. Simple embroidery on the bralette blouse or some light work also makes your saree attractive.

Front cut blouse design:

We have seen many actors in front cut t-shirt designs. In a front cut, the neck in front of you is slightly deeper. The blouse with a cut on the front in monochrome and crepe sarees gives a very glamorous look. You will only find this type of t-shirt in every actor’s wardrobe. It never exceeds.

One-sleeved blouse:

This t-shirt design is quite famous. In this t-shirt design your t-shirt is glued in one place and not in the other. This blouse design gives a very youthful look to the girls.

ΛούBlouse neck designs

neck case

The blouse with a neckline design is the favorite of all actors. This blouse design gives an indo-western look to your saree and is the best design for an evening party. In the design of this blouse, how much space you need to keep open or how much space needs to be covered with a net, you can increase or decrease depending on your choice or convenience. This type of t-shirt design fits well on slim and curved shoulders. Neckline t-shirt designs look good on dhoti saree, saree pants.

T-shirt designs with necklaces

The blouses with neckline are very comfortable and elegant. Many famous actors wore this type of t-shirt many times and they also became popular. Giving a boat neck design to a blouse with heavy embroidery or mirror, the saree’s attractiveness increases even more with the appearance of the blouse. This is the best choice for women with large shoulders, heavy breasts. This design looks very attractive on satin, georgettes, khadi silk material.

T-shirt designs with high neck

High neckline blouse design for women with long and curved shoulders gives a wow effect. The design of the high neck blouse has a fully covered upper, giving a simple and elegant style. Nowadays, high necks also appear in neckline blouse designs.

T-shirt designs with collar

Neck blouse design:

This type of blouse has a collar design on the neck and gives a very modern and different look to your saree. In this blouse design the neck remains closed from the top, so you do not need to wear any decoration on the neck. The collar neck gives the next level of style to the designer sari. Women who have a small neck, then should carefully try this t-shirt design. On the neck of the collar, the front collar on the blouse has an angular shape.

Peter Pan collar blouse designs

The collar in the design of this blouse is circular from the front. This t-shirt design is very suitable for girls or women with long necks.

ΧNet t-shirt designs

T-shirt design with net:

Two types of fabrics are used in the design of this blouse. One net that is transparent and the other cotton or satin lining that is used as a lining or lining under the net fabric. The sleeves in the net blouse can be worn only by making a net key, which gives a unique look. The back of the blouse can also be designed with a full net or a mixture of net and lining. Gives a nice, simple and elegant look.

HangLehanga blouse designs

As you design the blouse in lehenga, you can choose the design of the crop top, stripes on the back, etc. The blouse looks very attractive with a princess cut from the front and the note in the welding on the back.

The long blouse designs in sarara, lacha and lehenga are quite in trend. Long blouse designs with comfortable cover on the upper part of your body. Pass the dupatta only on one side so that the design of the blouse is not covered.

Peplum t-shirt designs

Women who have a larger waistline can try the peplum blouse design. It has a finish on the bottom of the blouse. Because of which your enlarged waist is also hidden. In peplum design, take dupatta only from one side. The Peplum blouse looks very beautiful on raw silk, linen, hard silk fabric.

Corset blouse designs

A corset design blouse in lehenga gives a very good look. This blouse can be made without strapless and sleeveless blouse.

.Wedding blouse designs

Wedding dresses often have silk, velvet or net blouse materials. The bridal blouse is very important to be simple, elegant and comfortable. T-shirt designs with high necks and full sleeves are very popular at weddings. For a modern look, you can make a cross t-shirt design. At the top of this t-shirt design is a cross pattern.

The length of this blouse is shorter than other blouses, the upper is more open. The best choice for beach party or destination wedding. Those with small or low breast size should avoid making this t-shirt design.

ΔιαBlouse sleeve designs

Long-sleeved blouse

Nowadays the long-sleeved blouse is very fashionable, in these the sleeve of the blouse is large up to the waist and the front part of the elbow remains open. This sleeve mainly uses net or light fabric.

T-shirts with butterfly

The butterfly sleeve gives an amazing look when you have a sari net and a transparent fabric material of the blouse. The butterfly sleeve looks very nice if there is light work with thread at the bottom. This type of sleeve gives great charm to thin people.

Balloon sleeve:

The balloon sleeve is also quite modern. The sleeve of the blouse in this design is a long sleeve with many choices of georgette material. Gives an indo-western look to the saree.


You have come across so many latest t-shirt designs above. It has many evergreen designs that never go out of style. Wear any of these t-shirt designs with confidence and give shine to your saree !!!

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