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Today, the latest video of a healthcare businesswoman named Eira Aziera appeared to apologize to Restoran 35’s aunt and a woman in a yellow shirt who fell victim to ‘b0dy sh4ming’.

Meanwhile, a well-known lawyer and activist, Asiah Abd Jalil, appeared to explain that Eira could be prosecuted under the law.

Here is Asiah’s Facebook share.

Yesterday I saw a low-end video showing a cosmetics founder carvt-carvt cursing hamun with a northern accent.

With a sneer he clearly shouted the name of the person who was harassing him. Ready to show Internet users the photo of the woman who was abused with her family members.

Many times the cosmetic mine directed bad words at the person.

Then there were the comments that suggested that the infected person should only wear cosmetics and not be immoral. Internet users are willing to pay a small fee to cover legal costs in the lawsuit.

In fact, the legal action that can be taken is divided into two. The first, a lawsuit in the criminal court. The second, a lawsuit in the civil court.

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It depends on our goals. If we want to punish the perpetrator to teach him a lesson, we can choose:

1) Nak hukvm with imprisonment and fines


2) Nak hukvm telling him to pay compensation

How to punish Eira with imprisonment and fines?

If we want to be punished with imprisonment and fines, then we take action in accordance with criminal law.

Make a report to the police, let the police open the investigation paper. Wrong day of the month, I also feel like he spent the night on lok4p reman. Let us hope that he will be prosecuted in the criminal court and through the trial.

For this action, we do not need to incur any costs. The prosecution procedure will be conducted by the deputy prosecutor.

But for the one who insulted us, he had to pay his own expenses, to appoint a lawyer who would represent him. He must defend himself if he seeks to be tried on criminal charges against him.

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If convicted, he could face jail time and a fine. But we must remember that if he is fined, the fine is paid in court. We, as victims of insults and insults, do not get a single penny.

On the other hand, if we want to make hukvm by asking him to pay compensation, then we are acting in accordance with civil law.

Appoint a lawyer, the lawyer will send a claim notice. If he does deekkk, file a subpoena in the civil court. The defendant will then go through the trial process.

For such an action, we have to bear our own costs for the appointment of a lawyer. The trial will be conducted by a lawyer who represents us.

At the same time, the person we are sam4n tu must bear his own costs, to appoint a lawyer who will represent him in court.

If found guilty in the civil court, he as a Defendant will be asked by the court to pay monetary compensation to the Plaintiff. We as victims of insults and slander will receive compensation.

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If you ask me, if I were in the position of the abused woman, I would first report to the police. It’s free, you don’t have to spend money.

All the criminal elements of Article 233 (1) (a) of the Communications and Multimedia Law of 1998 have been fulfilled. Let us hope that the slanderer will be arrested and prosecuted. Be good at defending yourself in court.

If the police do not continue k3s for any reason, I will file a civil lawsuit in the civil court. After all, there is a 6-year time limit for filing a lawsuit.

This is what the elders say, because the mouth of the body disappears.

Source: Facebook Asiah Abd Jalil

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