Pennsylvania lawmaker wants to make sure Joe Paterno statue goes well

Even if you do not know the name of your state representative, you probably have some idea of ​​what they look like. With few exceptions, the United States produces only a few different types of policies, almost all of which are within a remarkably narrow range of aesthetics. That is why the US House of Representatives for this extremely diverse country looks like a version Guess Who? in which virtually all the little faces on the board are extremely old.

The same rule applies to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which is less diverse than the country as a whole and has a 203-member House of Representatives and a 50-member Senate. It is the largest full-time state legislature in the nation, with intense irritation and prone to thirsty signifier and tentative inaction the way state governments tend to be. If I tell you that Aaron Bernstine is the third member of the Republican majority in this House, representing a very strange district that includes parts of three different counties in western Pennsylvania, you can probably close your eyes and imagine with great accuracy not only what it looks like . and acts, but how he serves the people of his area.

Can you imagine a man who looks like a child painting by Jeremy Renner and whose re-election campaign in 2020 was a bit complicated after he posted, on his own Snapchat, a video in which he put his 5-year-old son smoking a cigar and another in which he put him same son to say that they were going to Nashville to chase the “Cadillac pussy” and who, when confronted with this, issued a vulgar statement saying “this last minute political shot”, which meant the people watching the videos “Unfortunately, this is the new rule today, and that’s why good people do not claim office” —you are more or less ready for Pennsylvania MP Aaron Bernstine. And if you understand what representatives like Bernstine are doing — winning low-key elections against marginal opponents (defeating Green Party challenger Darcelle Slappy in 2018) or running unopposed (as Ballotpedia said it does this year) while active in the media social networking in the theatrical and affected ways that is his party’s default and by voting with that party as required — then you will not be surprised by the amendment he announced on Tuesday in the bill that finances the major public universities of the Commonwealth. Again, you will not have to imagine very hard. What would this man think, in this difficult time, that was his most important obligation to his voters? It is worth noting here that Bernstine went to Penn State. Think of the stupidest thing a sloppy, bodily, worthless elected official could do. Have you got it yet?

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“Silk fabric. Aaron Bernstine (R-Butler / Beaver / Lawrence) introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 1283 that would require Penn State University to provide information on the statue of Joe Paterno,” his office said in a statement. This was the statue that the university removed from its place outside Beaver Stadium in 2012, in the hope that it would remove a “source of division and an obstacle to healing” in an effort to address the impact of Jerry’s productive serial. Sandusky., A child sexual abuse campaign that has been around for generations while in Paterno’s coaching staff, Bernstine made it clear in his statement that he felt the decision was unfair to Paterno’s legacy and also very concerned about how the statue was treated. And until Bernstine is sure that the Paterno statue is properly appreciated, he is ready to keep the state money away from school, but also from such state-funded institutions as Temple, Pitt and Lincoln University:

“The amendment would require Penn State to report to Parliamentary and Senate education committees on the statue’s location and method of preserving and protecting the statue. “This report would be necessary for the university to receive its annual funding from the state.”

This is, of course, very foolish, if not so foolish, about posting a video of yourself making your kindergarten teacher sniff a cigar — or a video in which Bernstine encourages another child, not his own, to play Fuck / Marry / Kill. the man loves to post — on a social media account that has the words “representative state.” But while this whole problematic post is the weird mistake that only a state official could make with a laughing emoji where it should be and a ridiculous periphery suffering below it, this particular ransom attempt fits absolutely in the mainstream. of government in our wider moment. That it is trivial and useless and annoying is less of an accident than something like the point itself. it turns a fringe personal complaint into something much bigger, and it does so entirely because a deeply repulsive person who felt distressed and offended (correctly) realized that he was able to escape by making this a problem for everyone else.

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Many things — many institutions, many workplaces, and many small everyday moments — unfold in this general dynamic. This moment is, despite its many other obvious failures, an extremely good time to be an aggressively unpleasant person whose mission is to impose his individual unpleasant situations on others. This is not the way to run a government, or really anything else, but they deserve the fact: “Representative” seems to be the right word for the man behind it.

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