PUBG Mobile Collaboration Evangelion Unit Battle 01 VS Angel 6th

Come back again. PUBG Mobile once again maintains a partnership in the game. This time PUBG Mobile partnered again with one of the most popular Japanese series, Evangelion, fans continued to ask to work with the series. There was a new collaboration between Erangel and Livik at PUBG Mobile. The 6th angel is here what awaits on the battlefield and only Eva Unit 01 and friends can stop it.

Like a manga or anime where only Shinji can control Eva 01, my friend may want to drive this big Eva drive a bit, but be patient, you can only watch the action because you can not use the Eva drive – if you can, you will become mentally like in the anime and even if you can definitely OP.

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This PUBG Mobile 2.0 update event will feature various Evangelion-themed crossover items, such as virtual character costumes, co-op armor and parachutes, as well as backpacks.

This event brings a new Core Circle game mode where you can enjoy crossover material in the game. This event will take place within a month, starting from May 19 to June 19.

Core Circle Pertarungan Unit Eva 01 Vs Angel 6th Erangel & Livik

Fight in the smaller Blue Zone and watch the 6th Angel fight. The 6th angel from the anime series, but the 6th angel from the movie Reconstruction of the Gospel – An angel who has changed shape and is able to launch a powerful beam of destruction. After spawning, it will trigger a laser and begin to destroy anything. In the game you have to follow the flow by finding the playing point EVA-01 on the mini map and detecting the Angel.

PUBG Mobile Evangelion
PUBG Mobile Evangelion

Defend the island before it is destroyed by the Angels. You can also search for supplies through the ruins to find useful supplies. You can also defend the island by changing the structure of the fortress to better suit your needs.

You will also find more supply chests scattered throughout the map, including some underground. These chests often contain more valuable and useful items. Help him survive the fight.

In addition to various additional loot, there will be a limited repetition period at the beginning of the match during which players can return to battle with the weapons they still have.

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