Qatar will have 26 players in the World Cup

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July 10, Kathmandu. The participating teams will be able to have 26 players in the FIFA World Cup to be held in the Asian nation of Qatar from November 21st to December 18th.
FIFA, the world governing body for football, has decided to allow 26 players to play in the World Cup.

After the coronavirus epidemic, the number of players in the national team has been increasing lately. Earlier, a team was allowed to have 23 players.

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But after the coronavirus outbreak, the number has increased. FIFA also allowed 26 players to a team for the World Cup.
At Euro 2020, 26 players participated in a team.

FIFA also allowed the change of 15 players. This means that all but 11 players on the court will be substitutes and no player will be left out. FIFA has stated that 26 players will be allowed to sit on the bench along with another 15 players and 11 other referees.

The participating teams must submit their final list of teams by October 20, one month before the start of the FIFA World Cup competition.

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