Rufus 3.18 Bootable USB Pendrive Maker !!

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Dude do you want to install Windows or run a program that can be started via flash? It’s easy dude, there is Rufus that can easily create a bootable USB stick. Rufus has functions and working methods similar to Wintflash but with more advantages and features. Rufus runs very fast even to do 1 windows installer takes only less than 5 minutes. In addition, Rufus can also create linux installers and iso recovery file formats. Curious about Rufus performance?

What is Rufus?
Rufus is a portable software that can create a bootable USB flash drive for Windows, Linux or image recovery purposes.

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Rufus Menu 3.9

Rufus Features:
1. Create a bootable USB very quickly
2. Equipped with free DOS to facilitate the boot process
3. Portable and no installation required
4. High compatibility and support of all ISO files
5. 32 bit and 64 bit system support
6. And other interesting features, man

Try Rufus software which is small in size but has great benefits: D.

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Rufus 3.18 | Size: 1.1 MB

How to create a Windows 10 installer

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