Sar Pass Trek: Complete guide What you need to know before you go

The trail is amazing and not at all dangerous. The Sar Pass Trek is annoying considering it is long and you have to have stamina and perseverance to climb so much. The most annoying solution is the Padri to Ming cover where you have to constantly climb a steep area. In case you have done 4 or 5 hikes in Sahyadri, you will not find the Sar Pass annoying.

The trail has everything, from mountains, coniferous forests, glades, mountain desert, snow, waterfalls and barren landscape. I will not ruin these special pleasures for you by depicting them here.

Things to carry:

There are many locations that will be listening for a minute to welcome to Sar Pass Trek and so on.’s summary is extensive. I will compose what I kept with me in a package from the headquarters.

1. Shoes

Quechua Forclaz shoes (3999 Rs.) Are enthusiastically recommended by hikers in India. However, because I was lagging behind in a financial plan, I chose to go for Action Trekking shoes (800 Rs.). These shoes worked great for me. There were no episodes of slipping or being tortured by any imagination. I tried these shoes on Sahyadris and the Himalayas both.

2. Clothes

To maintain the weight of the backpack less, carry only two garments. I got a cotton shirt and a shirt along with a pair of pants with two stripes. Probably use the next set assuming the first one is wet or messy. Try to wear the best pair when you leave Nagaru, as you will click on many photos in Sar Pass and use one of these photos as your DP.

Try not to carry a towel as it will add extra weight. Small napkins will reduce the weight of the backpack. You can fold the cleaning sheet provided by YHAI to change clothes on stage.

3. Underpants

Carry about three sets of underpants. In addition, you should also get the body warmer (Top and base). You can see them on Amazon / Flipkart.

This helps when the temperature drops in the evening and early in the morning. Try not to wear a heater when hiking. Three sets of cotton socks are an indisputable need. In any case, your companions on stage will endure.

4. Comfortable clothes

You can get most of the comfortable clothes at Kasol. During an outrageous drop in temperature, you should wear at least three coats of clothing. I was wearing a hotter top, coat and cotton shirt. It worked great for me. Wool socks can be purchased from Kasol market at a cost of Rs 150 to Rs 200. Similarly, you get gloves at a similar cost in the Kasol market.

5. Walking stick / axis

You can buy hiking sticks from online shopping sites. At the point you are going to Grahan, you can buy the wooden stick for 20 Rs. It is sufficient for her Sar Pass Trek.

6. Tiffin and mug

Do not bother to carry a plate independently when you have a box of tiffin, a spoon and a mug. JT offers consistent compression lunch. Due to the extremely cold water, washing Tiffin is a huge undertaking.

You can address this issue by transferring foil or plastic wrap. I have seen people eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in a lonely mug as well. So it depends entirely on you. Transfer the wash gel if you want to appreciate the Tiffin wash in ice water.

7. Water bottle

Do not bother to carry a few liters of water like hiking in Sahyadri. In the Himalayas there are many streams of water. In case the currents are not accessible, your assistant will tell you. You can use water purification drops to purify the water. I used the Aquaguard container with the built-in channel. You can arrange it from Amazon. The main problem with this jug is that you can not have huge amounts of water. You have pressed hard to get the sifted water. So water purifying drops are awesome assuming you are okay with the slight change in water taste.

8. Rain coat / rain protection

The weather in the Himalayas is really eccentric. In case you do not have the coat, the level of your inner heat can fall out of nowhere and create problems. You can use a windbreaker or a coat, however a rain guard is extremely advantageous in terms of weight and flexibility. You can buy poor quality waterproof protectors at Kasol for around Rs 150.

The best time to visit Sar Pass Trek

Both the rise and fall of the Sar Pass are equally difficult. The best time to climb these roads is from May to October. The unmistakable skies of May and June make a wonderful, completely flawless appearance of paths and meadows. Temperatures normally range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius during the day, with much colder nights.

The summers have a generally mild climate with almost no rainfall, while the storms have moderate to heavy rainfall.

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