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Do you like shopping online for fashionable clothes?

What Is

Seagirly is an online store that sells dresses, clothes, t-shirts, overalls, etc. It offers benefits such as free shipping on orders over $ 99. You can access the internet at and contact by email: [email protected]

List of items to choose from at Seagirly?

It is an online store that sells fashionable clothes at affordable prices for all age groups. You can buy any of the following:

  • Dresses
  • Optimal
  • Below
  • Overalls
  • t-shirts

How does work?

Seagirly claims to sell top quality products and clothing at very affordable prices in its online store. Is it important to think about whether it is reliable or not? The store is known to make cheap offers to lure unsuspecting shoppers and make a scam in online stores. People who fall in love with it and continue to place orders end up being scammed as they either receive lower quality products or nothing at all. The site has a compelling online layout that gives it a credible perspective. Seagirly accepts payments made using credit or debit cards and PayPal.

Advantages of Seagirly

  • The site is protected by HTTPS protocol.
  • The site has listed the email address.

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Disadvantages of Seagirly

  • The domain of the site is less than 6 months, so it is not reliable.
  • The site has a 2% to 100 trust rating which is very bad.
  • There is no exact refund time on the site.
  • No reviews are given on social media or other sites.

What did we find about

Website access has many benefits in the world of the Internet. Just by clicking a few links on a laptop or smartphone, you can easily buy items from the comfort of your own home, but it also has a downside as the sellers are invisible here, they could easily be scammers.

Seagirly has not received positive reviews either on social media or on review sites. The domain name is less than six months old, so we should not trust it too easily. Also, there is no way to measure its authenticity, as the date of its creation is very recent without a previous schedule. The sector has a one-year hosting program. One of the positives of the site is that it uses https security, where information such as passwords and credit card numbers are kept confidential, but this does not guarantee that the platform will not interrupt your data.

Some other points related to the Seagirly website

  • Accessibility – The site does not have reliable information as the contact information provided on their site is unreliable and customer complaints are never answered. Also, the email address of the website is not responding. The site does not have a phone number and return address.

As the owner of the site is not known, there is no liability. The absence of a real person accountable for the operations of the store is a big scam.

  • Critics – The products listed on are without customer reviews, so we can not trust the site in any way, while there are reputable online stores that usually carry mixed customer reviews about the products sampled in their store.

When Seagirly scanned the site analytics platform and then returned a very bad 2% trust score, stating that their site can no longer be trusted as there is no owner’s identifier associated with the domain name.

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Seagirly seems to be very new and fake. In addition, it has a very low trust rating and no popularity on social media. We advise viewers to research and wait for genuine customer reviews before proceeding to purchase from the site.


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