Sightseeing nearby, Gunungkidul is a natural paradise –

Sightseeing nearby, Gunungkidul is a natural paradise –

Gunungkidul is an area with many tourist areas. Especially for the many coastal areas, tourism nearby is an area you can visit. Not only the beauty of the beach, but there are many other natural attractions that can relieve fatigue when engaged in various solid activities.

Sightseeing nearby, Gunungkidul is a natural paradise

Tourist aesthetics near here, Gunungkidul

Indeed, the charm of Gunungkidul tourism lies in its beaches which present a variety of areas. But there are still a number of circuits you can visit, such as waterfalls and hills. Want a fun holiday area in Gunungkidul? Here is a group of destinations that you can visit when the holidays arrive, you can visit with your family and friends.

Embung Nglanggeran

Nearby tourist attractions, such as Embung Nglanggeran, which is still in the same area as Mount Barah Purba. The dam, which is an artificial lake, was originally intended to be used to irrigate the Nglaggeran orchard. To be able to enter this tourist area, you just have to pay 3000 Rp. Is not the cost to enjoy its beauty cheap?

Visitors will not be allowed to swim, fish or use canoes in this area. Here guests can enjoy only the beauty of the landscape which is not inferior to other tours.

Figure 4G

If you want to see the beauty from a height, you can visit the 4G peak of Mount Genteng Gedangsari. There that offers a view to see from above the picturesque landscape full of green trees that can refresh the eyes. In the morning you can enjoy the beauty of the orange clouds that will slowly appear in the sun.

This view will look best with a cluster of clouds that looks like a sea of ​​clouds. To visit this tourist area, guests can take advantage of various facilities. From the parking lot, kiosk, camping, presence I live at homefor those who want to stay.

Goa Tanding

Gunungkidul also has a few cave tours worth visiting besides Pintul Cave. The location is close to just 300 meters. The length of the cave reaches 450 meters with a depth of 1-5 meters. Later you will be presented with a beautiful view from natural niches with stunning views of the stalactites.

Unlike Pindul Cave, which requires guests to use a life buoy to explore Tanding Cave, guests only need to get a rubber dinghy that can accommodate up to 6 people.

To be able to see the natural beauty of tourism nearby, Goa Tanding, visitors must pay Rs 150,000. for security and catering facilities. At this price, guests can enjoy the bright, well-lit and dark area for an hour.

Emmbung Sriten

This tour is located in Sriten Hamlet, Pilangrejo Village, Nglipar, Gunungkidul. Just like the Nglanggeran Embung which is an artificial lake. For Embung Sriten to be the highest tank in Yogyakarta with orchard irrigation function. Being in height, which makes the lake have incomparable beauty.

The reason, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the landscape from above. Not only to enjoy the scenery, many visitors also enjoy camping. While camping, guests can take advantage of the beauty of the night to see the Klaten and Nglipar areas. It can even be seen from a height for the Rawa Jombor and Gajah Mungkur reservoirs.

To enjoy a nearby visit to the Embung Sriten, guests will pay 3000 Rp. without parking fees. Where it has operating hours from 05:00 to 18:00 WIB. It is classified at a lower cost so you do not enjoy the beauty of a height and enjoy the artificial lake.

blue Lagoon

The location is in the Semin area, in the Gunungkidul regency, in Candirejo village to be exact. This lake is approximately 25 km from Wonosari town center. Having a greenish water color that resembles Raja Ampat. This lake was formed due to white stone mining activities and so he built a small pond. If you look closely, the color of the water will vary from green to turquoise.

To be able to visit the tourist area near here, Telaga Biru, visitors will not have to spend a lot of money without reaching 10,000 IDR. This area may be a list of vacation destinations you can visit in the near future.

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