Stamford Parents: We continue to ask difficult questions to our administrators

Thank you Stamford Parents

As “experts” you know what is best for your child. Thanks to many of you who supported in such a timely and vigorous manner, five members of the Board of Education were able to force the inspector to abandon the infamous and impossible 4 × 4 high school timetable. After five months of utter agony and politics on the Board of Education, you have shown that a parent “constitutional democracy” could make a difference. Using your democracy and constitutional right to express your opinion, make sure that the Education Council’s complacency did not interfere with the majority and common sense legislation.

Unanimously, you also gave all 9th-12th grade students the opportunity to pursue the “happiness” of learning rather than the rush of a 4 × 4 block schedule.

But do not stop now — keep asking the difficult questions that our head office managers should answer even before the A / B Block is in place. They know the answers and must be held accountable!

  1. How does this new blockchain program help our students learn better?
  2. What is the right role of the Board of Education?
  3. As a parent, what other issues should you be concerned about?
    • What are the 9th-12th grade failure rates in the last 5 years at AITE, SHS & WHS?
    • Since justice is so troubling, what are the real statistics and what else can the community do to ensure that ALL students are successful?
    • What are the plans for handling chronic absences using the A / B Block?
    • Why did the attendance rates suddenly decrease this year (181st day) for all high schools? Will this happen in the future and why?
    • Also, why were course makeup suddenly revised in the last weeks of this year and Egenuity implemented? Will this happen in the future and why?
    • How do demographics change Advanced Placement and Honors course offers? How many of these courses were rejected in next year’s program? Will this become a permanent pattern?
    • Why are grades different from Fall 2022 (Mastery Learning & G4E Grading for Equity)? How this will help our students learn, succeed and succeed in preparing for graduation and beyond.
    • Why are no intermediaries and finals required? What other assessments will be used to assess learning? How will these assessments be shared in the middle and at the end of the semester with the families and the Board of Education.
    • Why are families leaving the area and what are the real numbers?
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In the Statute of the Board of Education (9000), it is the BOE’s responsibility to inform the people of Stamford about the goals, values, conditions and needs of our schools. Keep moving forward in a bipartisan way and demand transparency — the 4 × 4 block plan was introduced in December 2021 (the first time teachers and administrators ever heard of it) and then became mandatory three weeks later, in January 2022. Rather than instructing, listening and cooperating should be used consistently with all staff and parents at Stamford Public School.

As parents, you are not only experts in knowing what is best for your child, you are also community leaders who need to be heard by the Board of Education. The Stamford children need your voice and critical questions need to be asked… there is no better time than now!

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Rebecca Haman
Stamford, CT

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