Stock Market Update, Big Sensex Drop, Stock Market Shock by Omicron

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Stock Market Update Today: Today we will discuss Stock Exchange Update in this article. The OmicronIts dark shadow hangs over the stock market on Monday, the first day of trading. There was a big drop in the stock market. On the National Stock Exchange, the Nifty (NIFTY 50) index of 50 major stocks closed on 16,614, down 371 points. Mumbai Stock Exchange Sensitive BSE Index Sensex closed 1,189.73 points lower at 55,822. The purchase was corrected in the afternoon.

ONE investor in the stock market he could clearly see Micron’s panic. Immediately after the opening of the market, sales began. Nifty closed at 16,824, a mark below the red line. The market fell immediately after opening. People were upset. At one o’clock in the afternoon, the Nifty fell to 16,425 at its lowest level. However, after one, a small correction was made. Nifty closed at 16,614 due to a tired move, which led to a slight rise in the market. There was a drop of 2.18 percent or 371 points for the Nifty.

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Big drop in Sensex

BSE Sensex, the Mumbai Stock Exchange index, also opened lower. At 5.6517 points, Sensex started the day lower. Sensex has arrived lowest level 55132 in the afternoon. Sensex closed at 55,822 at one o’clock in the afternoon after the market improved. Sensex fell 1,189.73 points.

The Omicron threat is intensifying

Among the most important factors contributing to the current stock market collapse is the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Coronavirus. As it became the dominant strain in South Africa, it spread to many European countries such as fires.

Global stock markets have been hit by the rapid spread of the virus, threatening the global economic recovery. In many nations, restrictions are being restored to limit the spread of the new Omicron variant. Some countries, such as the Netherlands, have already imposed new restrictions.

Stock market shock from Omicron

More than 150 Omicron cases have been reported in the country. Meanwhile, the situation in many countries has worsened. Omicron has become a topic of uncertainty around the world. There have been 12 Omicron-related deaths so far in the UK. In addition, a study in the United Kingdom concluded that there is no evidence that Omicron is less diverse than Delta. Shares of movie theaters, tours and travel, banks, NBFCs and hotels fell in the domestic market on Monday, December 20th. In addition, experts attribute the big drop in the stock market to Omicron.

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