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For all of you who watched the previous episode, now go back to waiting for the newest episode. All Internet users who are curious summary of melur for firdaus episode 16 full movie.

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Synopsis Melur Untuk Firdaus Episode 16

Firdaus, who at the moment does not want to make Melour hurt by his actions. Because Melour’s anger and the warning from her father was a big slap in the face for Firdaus.

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Firdaus can not leave Dee yet but he does not want to hurt Melour either.

Firdaus will never tell Melour what will happen to them later.

Firdaus has promised that he will not leave this very good woman.

Now Firdaus has started to love and love Melour but he has not admitted it yet.

Firdaus often rejects his feelings because of Dee’s presence in his life.

Dee has always been the reason Firdaus finds it difficult to express and express his feelings for Melur.

Dee, who is always looking for Firdaus, is one of the reasons Melour’s household and paradise are always in trouble.

Firdaus, who can not be consistent in making decisions, puts the man in a dilemma and this often makes Melour hurt.

But it turns out that there is another problem that is more serious than this problem. The problem is with Mellour’s condition.

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Until now, Walid has always been suspicious and afraid of Melur’s unstable mental state.

Walid’s fears stemmed from Dee’s motivation to say that Melur was married to Firdaus because the woman was ill.

Curious about the continuation of the above story from the melur synopsis for the full movie of episode 16 of Paradise. Let’s follow the link provided by the administrator below.

Streaming Film Melur For Firdaus Episode 16 Full Movie

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