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Action actor Iko Uwais was reported to Bekasi city police for allegedly abusing the victim with the initials R.

Suspected victim Iko Uwais was hit in the face, right arm and back with bruises.

or Uwais – Action actor Iko Uwais reported to the Bekasi metro police about the alleged abuse case against the victim with the initials R.

Polda Metro Jaya Public Relations Officer, Kombes Pol. Endra Zulpan revealed the timeline of the events. According to him, Iko’s relationship with the victim is a customer with interior design services.

Initially, Iko Uwais used the victim’s interior design services to build his house in Cibubur, with a certain name agreement.

“Just paying half, after being charged by the victim, means the person working on the interior of the house,” Zulpan said Monday (13/6/2022).

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The victim sent an invoice via WhatsApp message to Iko Uwais, but received no response.

On Saturday, June 11, the victim and his wife wanted to go home and passed in front of Iko Uwais’s house. Then Audy’s husband shouted at him, clapping his hands and shouting. After this the victim and his wife got out of the car.

“After that Iko Uwais with Firmansyah, and Audy’s wife instead of Iko approached the victim and the witness (his wife),” lesson Pol Kombes Pol Endra Zulpan.

In addition, a dispute ensued between Iko Uwais, Firmansyah and the victim with the initial R until the victim was attacked.

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“After that, a fight broke out, after a fight between brothers Iko and Firmansyah, they immediately hit the victim until the victim was injured, after which the victim reported the matter to the Bekasi metro police,” Kombes Pol Endra said. Zulpan.

Bekasi metro police investigator Satreskrim is currently handling the case to further examine witnesses.

“The measures taken have been carried out by investigators from the city of Satreskrim Polrestabes in the Bekasi metro, against the victim on behalf of Rudy, then several witnesses, the victim’s wife, as well as other witnesses who were present at the scene,” he concluded.

The report against Iko was made by a person with the initials R. Where the report was received under number LP / B / 1737 / VI / 2022 / SPKT: Sat Reskrim / Polres Metro Bekasi City / Polda Metro Jaya.

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The report states that Iko Uwais initially came to the victim’s residence. This was followed by a quarrel between the two. Iko Uwais then allegedly hit the victim.

As a result, the victim suffered bruises on his face, right hand and back.

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