[Terkini]’Air Bt4kung B0ngkar Pnemuan Myat’ Abg Anuar Ditmui Slps 3 Hari MninggaI Dlm Rumah.

Dungun: “I saw tap water from inside the victim’s house flowing until there was a lake in front of the house,” said Mohd Rozlan Deraman before finding his neighbor’s swollen body today.

Myat Anuar Yusof, 52, was found lying in the living room of a house in Kampung Iubuk Panjang Bukit Bes1 at 8.30 am

Mohd Rozlan, 55, who runs a restaurant next to the victim’s home, said the last time he met the victim was last Thursday morning, when he was drinking at his shop.

“She was alone at home. That Thursday morning he came for a drink and, as usual, he joked with me and the villagers and did not show any signs.

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“That same day, around 7pm, I heard the victim screaming twice and I did not take the step and I thought it was possible because the victim was bored,” he said.

As he said, a few minutes later, he saw the victim leaving the house on a motorcycle.

“Since then I have not seen him and the absence of the victim for three days has caused a run.

“On Saturday, the store and I smelled bad and we all thought it was rubbish or bangka1 blnatang in the sem.ak area,” he said.

He said that this morning, he decided to check the store before finding so much water running from the victim’s house.

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“I remember Iupa turning off the tap and my friend Mohd Redzuan and I, Mohd Redzuan, 44, went to his house. After the answer was left unanswered, we looked out the window before we found out that the victim had died.

“I opened the front door of his house that was not locked and at that time we found a very strong smell before immediately contacting the police,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dungun District Police Chief Ephor Baharuddin Abdullah said the investigation found that the victim, who worked as a worker at KiIang Kay.u in Bukit Besi, was believed to have died a few days ago.

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“He contacted the victim’s family and was taken to the medical room of Dungun Hospital for further investigation.

“The preliminary police investigation found that there was no evidence of a crime and the crime was described as sudden death,” he said.

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