The 7 best pet adoption apps in 2022 (Android & iOS)

Adopting a pet is a responsible and important decision in your life. Yes, it will bring you a lot of joy, but also a lot of hassle. You will have a new family member and you will try to do everything to feel at home.

And you do not need extra trouble with the adoption process, right? Because of this, we have found the most convenient pet adoption applications.

And if you do not find a suitable application in this list, you can explore more pet adoption applications in this article.

WeRescue – Adopt a pet

We Rescue has been one of the best pet adoption apps for many years. It’s really the reliable service where pets can find the best owner to fit.

Apart from this, One of the main advantages of WeRescue is the abundance of different animals it can adopt – not only cats or dogs, but also parrots, reptiles, rats and more.

Another advantage is the filtering options while affecting the pet search. Advanced filters allow you to influence the search of a pet by location, type, breed, age, color, sex and many other factors across the country, even in Canada.

Another reason to choose the WeRescue app when you want to adopt a pet – is its proven reliability. Thousands of happy pet owners have already taken their furry friends home and their comments prove that there is no fraud in the application.

You can view the pet pages with photos and descriptions until you find this one. The only downside to WeRescue is that its interface is a bit complicated to use – due to this plethora of filters and options. And, keep in mind that some filters pay.

WeRescue - Adopt a Pet1

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Petfinder – Adopt a pet

Petfinder is an analogue of the previous application and is available on all platforms (WeRescue is only available for iOS users). Of course, the variety of pets here is not so great (only cats and dogs), but it still works great and is safe. An interesting thing about Petfinder is that it was developed by Nestle.

Once again, here you can influence the search using the filters, however, there are not as many of them as in the previous application. For example, here the main filter is the remote filter. The age filter is also available.

And of course all the pets have photos and names! In addition, an interesting addition to Petfinder is that each pet can have votes. It’s not really clear why, but we guess so you can see which pet… likes it best?

What we did not like was the fairly simple interface design and the fact that the application tends to slow down as you use it for some time. Some improvements are definitely needed, as Petfinder’s website is better at the moment.

Petfinder - Adopt a Pet1

Find Benji-Adopt & Rehome Pets

This application entered the market quite recently, but has already had some success. The developers claim that this is the number one application for adopting pets directly from another owner.

In fact, it is a common occurrence that owners have to abandon a pet for some reason and instead of giving it to the shelter, where its life will be full of stress, they can hand it over to the new owner using Find Benji. !

The application works similarly to the previous ones. You can search by filters, by proximity, age, pet type, breed, etc.

All owners try to upload photos with pets and brief explanations of why they decided to give the pet. Thus, this application will be beneficial both for those who want to adopt a pet and for those who want to deliver it.

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An interesting aspect that we would also like to point out about Find Benji is its convenient chat system – you can discuss the details of adoption directly in the app, like in a regular messenger. The design is awesome.

Find Benji-Adopt & Rehome Pets1

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Adopt a pet or post for adoption

The functionality of this application raises some questions, however, if all the previous options did not work for you, you can try it.

Here you can find pets for adoption by looking for them on the map – just see which one is closest to you (if you want to adopt what does not require a day on the road). Each pet has a separate profile with a photo and description.

You can contact the temporary owner of a pet or shelter by finding contacts in the description and discussing the details of further adoption.

But there is no guarantee that the application will work on your phone and it has many bugs and delays that developers need to correct to make it a really attractive and reliable adoption application.

Adopt a pet or suspension for adoption1

Adopting Pets – Adopt a pet

A more or less popular application for adopting pets. However, here you can not influence the search using the filters – the application shows you the best options based on your location.

Of course, all the suggestions will have different proximity to you and if you scroll down to the selection, some pets may be a few thousand miles away from you. Alternatively, you can search for pets with certain filters, but only if you have previously typed in a specific location.

One advantage of Pets Adoption is that it allows not only cats and dogs to adopt, but also rabbits, parrots and even horses. However, many pet profiles do not have enough information in their profiles and you will have to make some effort to obtain them.

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Adoption of pets - Adopt a pet 1

Adopt with: Adopt a pet, Adopt all kinds of pets

This is not a very popular application that allows people to adopt pets in the US, Canada and Mexico. Once again – a search by filter, by location, type, sex and type of pet. You can also select its size in the filters. All animals have their profiles with their history and description.

The only difficulty with Adopt Me is that it does not really explain how you can adopt a particular animal. You will need to take some time to find contact with an owner or a shelter before you know all the details about it. In other respects, the application is quite mediocre.

Adopt with: Adopt a pet, Adopt any kind of pet1

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Petdoption – Adopt a rescue animal

This application allows you to adopt pets from shelters. Each shelter can create a separate page for each animal that has detailed information, so that prospective owners can find it at the base. Another notable feature is that the search here allows you to apply the race filter.

In order not to lose the profile of the pets that you liked, you can mark them as your favorites. In general, Petdoption is a great idea, but developers have to work on the technical part – the application has many bugs, delays and other functionality issues, which makes it a non-preferred choice.

Petdoption - Adopt a rescue animal1

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