The Amazon Quiz is alive, you have a chance to win the bumper prize, Know How

Amazon is a viral e-commerce site. It also continues to give the customer opportunities to win prizes through quizzes. Today Amazon gives its users the opportunity to earn 5000 rupees. This prize will be given to the winner of the Amazon Quiz.

You must join Today’s Amazon Quiz, ie June 19, 2022. By participating in today’s Amazon Quiz you can earn 5 thousand rupees. You must have an Amazon app on your mobile to play this quiz.

Here’s the whole way to win this quiz. First you need to download the Amazon app to your phone. Once you have downloaded it, log in to it. Next, you need to go to the entertainment section.

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After going to the Fun section, you must go to the Daily Quiz section. Here you can win the quiz by answering five questions correctly. The reward amount will be on Amazon Pay Balance if you win the exam. Its winner will be judged by lot. Today’s winner will be announced tomorrow.

Here we tell you the correct answers to all today’s questions.

1. Who withdrew from the Semifinals of the French Open 2022 in tragic conditions, after twisting his ankle during the match?

Answer – Alexander Zverev

2. Jitendra Kumar, known for her roles in movies and online series like Panchayat, is a graduate of which institute?

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Answer – IIT Kharagpur

3. The famous hotel company Marriott International has recently decided to suspend all its activities in which country?

Answer – Russia

4. MH 370, flight of this airline, lost in 2014, destination which destination?

Answer – Beijing

This is a view of Mount Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park. In which country?

Answer – Kenya

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