The church of the “gangsters” hit the boy on the back in the mosque, angry because he was not pious and finally accepted the consequences

Footage of a man pushing three children in the back row of a mosque while other worshipers prayed provoked the anger of anyone watching.


Based on the 27-second CCTV video, the incident is believed to have been caused by the actions of children who were seen running and playing with each other in the back row.

The rude and aggressive behavior caused two of the three children to fall to the floor.

After the video became contagious, the average virtual citizen expressed his sympathy and frustration for the man’s actions.

The MStar review found that Internet users expressed their anger and expressed their views with the “gangster” behavior shown by this man.

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“With this kind of behavior, I’m not surprised if these boys do not want to come to the surau or the mosque. The feeling that you want to cry for a boy is treated that way. Lucky for any place where there is still a boy’s voice in the mosque or surau.

“I do not immediately agree with my uncle about such a reprimand. It really shouldn’t be. Parents, on the other hand, should always tell their children and teach them the right ways when they are in the mosque.

“Because they like it, my son frowns and does not want to go to the mosque. When she was five, she went to the mosque with her husband. I wanted to pray next to my father, but the people in the mosque had to force me to pray close to my back with another boy.

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“Finally, the husband is not calm, the son is sulking and does not want to pray,” an internet user commented after the infectious video.

Based on the audio from the recording, the incident is believed to have happened in Indonesia.

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Source Mstar

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