The Divorced Billionaire Heiress, Chapter 458

Read Chapter 458 of Divorced Billionaire Heir – Toto smiled brightly and lied without blinking.

Nicole looked at Eric, who lifted the old woman’s hair in his hand. His gaze was soft and deep.

“So, do you like it?”

Nicole looked at Eric with an intricate expression. ‘Cotton candy? That’s not at all like Eric’s style! “

Before she could do anything, Lil Michael ran excitedly from her side.

“I like it! I like it!”

As the crowd froze, Lil Michael took the old woman’s hair and bit it viciously.

“Oh MY GOD! It is so sweet that my baby teeth will fall out!”

Lil Michael covered his cheek and ran angrily into Nicole’s arms.

“Beautiful lady, my teeth hurt…”

Eric was angry, but he had to keep his composure and pretend to be polite and polite.

“Be careful then.”

Eric had no other choice because he was at a disadvantage.

So he could not just offend anyone close to Nicole.

Nicole stroked Lil Michael’s fluffy curls. He knew Eric was pretending, but he did not expose him.

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“Then do not eat it.”

Lil Michael shook his head.

“Only children eat candy. Sir, you are so stingy. Pretty Lady, if you want, I will make you a big old woman’s hair with gold, then you can look at it every day! “

After all, Lil Michael was not as stingy as the vicious Mr. Eric Ferguson.

Nicole was speechless and quickly refused.

“No, no; I do not like it.”

No ordinary man could raise such a prodigal young teacher…

Nicole went to get Lil Michael’s bottle of water from his bag on the side.

Eric looked at Lil Michael’s little face and smiled. His voice was soft as he was deliberately teasing him.

“You like Nicole, right?”

“Yes, and what?”

Lil Michael folded his arms in front of his chest, looking like a small adult.

“Then I must congratulate you. “Your dad and Nicole are together, so you will be her son.”

Lil Michael’s character collapsed immediately. His twisted face was full of shock and anger.


His tiny fists were clenched together.

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Eric raised his eyebrows. “You still do not know? Your dad is chasing her… »

As soon as his words fell, Clayton walked over to them holding the same colorful cotton wool.

Nicole turned and was stunned. “Why does everyone buy cotton candy?”

Clayton walked over to them, glanced at his son, and smiled softly at Nicole.

“Madam. Stanton, I just saw that the old woman’s hair that Mr. Ferguson wanted to give you was ruined by Michael. I apologize on his behalf and I hope this will make it right.”

He handed the old woman’s hair to Nicole.

Eric’s eyes narrowed, but he did not show much aggression.

Instead, Lil Michael, who was next to him, angrily took the old woman’s hair from Clayton.

The little boy looked violently at his father. His face was red with anger.

He was wary and wary.

“Dad, the beautiful lady does not like the old woman’s hair! Hmmm! ”

Although Lil Michael was just a kid, he was a smart kid!

“You mean the gentleman is telling the truth ?!” Dad is really taking this opportunity to chase my beautiful lady! No way! The beautiful lady can only be mine! “Even my dad can’t steal it from me!”

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Lil Michael glared at Clayton and handed Eric the wool to Eric.

“For you.”

He would rather give it to Mean Mister than let his father take advantage.

This was because he knew that his beautiful lady did not like Mean Mister.

Mean Mister just wasn’t his match.

Clayton’s face was unchanged. He still had a gentle smile on his face, but looking into his son’s eyes, Clayton felt a little surprised and doubtful.

Lil Michael felt he was unlucky enough to have Mean Mister as his love rival. He thought that when he inherited his father’s estate, he could be with his beautiful lady in a dignified manner.

“Why did Dad get involved?” Doesn’t she know that Pretty Lady is mine ?! Χμφ! ‘

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