The latest Yamaha NMAX was released in China with advanced features and more expensive prices – The latest Yamaha NMAX was released in China with advanced features and more expensive prices. The latest specifications appear from the Yamaha NMAX 155 that will be released in 2023. From the information that is circulating, the 150cc Yamaha motorcycle is said to acquire a new feature, namely the Traction Control.

However, this feature is not immediately available on the latest Yamaha NMAX. The reason is that this traction control feature will be introduced in the Yamaha NMAX sold in China.

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The scooter has just been released in China, ie the latest Yamaha NMAX that brings great elegance and is more expensive than the NMAX in Indonesia.

Not only in Indonesia, the Yamaha NMAX is also available in other countries, one of which is China.

In China itself, Yamaha recently released the latest Yamaha NAMX or the latest ALL New NMAX sold in China with an average capacity of 155 cc.

From the design and appearance, it is not much different from what is sold in the country. Simply, there are small differences in color and colors provided for the Chinese market.

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One of the colors presented is light gray with a combination of blue on the lip.

All New Yamaha NMAX Specifications

The new Yamaha NMAX in China also brings a number of new features that are also available at All New NMAX Connected / ABS in Indonesia.

Such as the availability of the Traction Control System and Y-Connect connectivity features. Then the rear suspension is also equipped with a preload feature that can be customized to your needs.

As for the machine itself, there are no changes to the NMAX version in Indonesia. It still uses a 155 cc 4-stroke engine with the standard Yamaha VVA variable valve system.

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The power produced by the Yamaha NMAX is 15 horsepower and maximum torque of 13.9 Nm. For the rest of the specifications it is still the same as in the country.

Such as the digital instrument panel, the trunk under the wide seat with a capacity of 23.3 liters, the LED headlights and the stop lights and more.

But when it comes to price. It seems that the latest Yamaha NMAX in China is more expensive, the selling price is about 27,800 yuan.

If converted into rupees, this amount is equivalent to Rs 61.4 million. If we compare prices so much in Indonesia, we can buy a Yamaha XMAX.

This is the review we can convey for the latest Yamaha NMAX released in China with sophisticated features and more expensive prices. We hope that the above information can be useful and helpful to you.

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