The lock button does not work on iPhone – Here is the fix

The lock button that can be found on iPhones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 that can be found sometimes called the Home Button, Lock Button, Sleep Button and also the Power Button, can it is very frustrating if it ever breaks or spoils, in this tutorial we will look at some ways to fix the lock button that does not work on iPhone.

The funny thing is that the problem of the iPhone lock button not working is a known problem Apple phone company / manufacturers and some iPhone users have still got it. Apple as a company in the courts for the same the lock button does not work issues according to news, was a deliberate design problem by the company, anyway, this is not the problem, we will look at the issues and how to fix it.

Cause of lock button problems and how to fix them

Some of the main reasons why iPhone may have a problem with the lock button are especially when it has a hard fall, it may not have a problem with natural material, but it can you have some problems with software bricks, which can definitely affect the way the lock button it works, like mine, it decides to work whenever it wants.

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If your iPhone warranty is still available and has not expired, you can receive your defective lock The button is fixed to any iPhone socket at no cost or you visit any specialized iPhone repairman Your location and fixing it can cost you some money.

As I mentioned above, hard drops can also affect the phone software, and you can fix it, I prefer my phone to have software problems rather than hardware problems because of it In fact, I can trust myself to fix any software related issues and I can not trust anyone on my own location to do the hardware for me, since I can not find an iPhone socket to fix it. One thing I like about iOS on iOS is that there is a little known feature that can help a lot never The lock buttons stop working on your iPhone.

To go to this feature, go to Settings> General> Accessibility. There, scroll down to click Assistive Touch and slide the switch until it appears green.

  • Correction 3: Activate Assistive Touch

While the malfunctioning power button is probably a hardware problem, we are We recommend activating the Assistive Touch in the meantime until you repair it. Auxiliary Touch is an intuitive on-screen function designed to help users control certain functions. exactly in one place – a small bubble on the screen. Assistive Touch has a lot functions that include a solution for the malfunctioning power button. Here’s how to enable Assistive Touch on your iPhone.

  • Turn on your device
  • From the Settings app, scroll down and tap General, then open
  • Under the accessibility options, select Assistive Touch.
  • Press the Assistive Touch switch to turn it on. You will see a circular bubble at the top your screen. You can drag the bubble to a perfect position if you do not like it default position. How to lock your screen with Assistive Touch After enabling Assistive Touch on your iPhone, turning off your monitor is relative simple.
  • Tap the on-screen bubble to open the Assistive Touch options.
  • From there, select
  • Tap the lock screen to turn off your screen.
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This is to turn off your monitor. You can always wake up your screen using the house Button / Touch ID if you are using iPhone 8 or later. To a greater extent, you can activate.

Climb Wake from your screen settings to wake up the screen whenever you raise it iPhone. It’s easy to make Raise to Wake easier if you don’t already have one. Just go to Settings> Display & brightness, then select Increase to wake up from there.

If the above solutions do not work, try cleaning the button and make sure you do do not use water or any liquid that could cause further damage to the phone. First, try clicking the power button several times to see if you can receive tactile feedback.

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Another thing that can cause your iPhone’s power button to malfunction is if you are Running buggy software. Probably when your iPhone is not up to date or when iOS. The construction you are performing has some errors or defects. A common way to fix this is to check and update your iOS to the latest version.

Finally, if any of the above fixes do not work, you will need to visit a professional to have it fixed. and will have to pay some money.

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