The mysterious Realme phone with model number RMX3093 was found in Geekbench – The latest report comes from one of the best-selling smartphone makers in China, Realme. Today, a device with model number RMX3093 appears in the list of Geekbench test devices. This is the second unregistered Realme device to appear on the Geekbench page this week.

Previously, realme In fact, it is rumored that two new flagships with model numbers RMX3092 and RMX3093 will be released soon. Both devices are 3C certified, while the device with model number RMX3092 is BIS certified.

Geekbench test results Photo credit ©yabhishekhd

According to the detailed specifications on the Geekbench page, the Realme RMX3093 will be powered by the Dimensity 720 chipset which is supported by 8 GB of RAM. Although this is a new device, the phone will be released with Android 10 operating system.

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Interestingly, according to the certification details published by 3C, both devices will have 65W charging support. This suggests the possibility that both will come from the same series, even some other specification details and both look identical.

Guessing while the two can be distinguished from the camera configuration that is carried. Some rumors even say that it could be both Realme 8 and Realme 8 Pro series. But the chance seems small, we are more sure if it is a new series of device released realme This year.

Previously, realme announced that the company will release more series of new phones with 5G support this year. And it is possible that the two devices are the ones that Realme refers to. Either way, we hope to see more leaks for these two devices in the coming weeks.

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