The relationship between truck driver fatigue and accidents

Drowsiness is a phenomenon that has been a precursor to fatal truck accidents for many years. Job requirements for truck drivers make them go the extra mile to make their bosses happy, to the detriment of other road users.

The moment a truck driver falls asleep behind the wheel, the result is not always pleasant. Imagine 80,000 pounds of metal, glass and cargo running on the freeway without control. The damage caused by such an accident is serious and most of the people who suffer injuries and deaths are those in smaller vehicles.

Driver fatigue is due to several reasons:

Unrealistic expectations of the company

Some companies have unrealistic goals that make the truck driver drive faster for a longer period of time just to achieve those goals. The company has resulted in penalties for truck drivers who do not meet the targets.

This means that the driver will drive faster and use shortcuts, ignoring other road users just to get to their destination.

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The desire for more money

Truck drivers are paid by the mile. Therefore, the more miles they travel in a day, the more money they earn. Some of them skip meals and avoid rest stops just to make that extra dollar. Other drivers try to make up for lost time in traffic jams, skipping dangerously and driving for longer without taking a break.

Fatigue occurs due to the extra effort they put in to get to their destinations on time.

The monotony of driving the same road every time

Driving along a route for the first time can be exciting. However, it becomes monotonous as you do this several times a week. With only your thoughts and the occasional hitchhiking, the endless highways become boring and leave you in a state of ecstasy. Your eyes become heavy and you fall asleep quickly.

With strict deadlines, you have no choice but to continue. Fatigue can start and make the journey sad.

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With tight deadlines and no time to enjoy healthy eating, the driver’s body loses weight. In such a situation, no one can be 100 percent alert. Even a common cold can make a driver feel weak, causing fatigue.

The medication the driver takes for illnesses also makes him feel drowsy.

Irregular sleep schedules

Truck drivers are known to trade their regular shifts with other drivers and take on other shifts to earn more money. Unpredictable sleep patterns interfere with their sleep cycle, contributing to fatigue.

The effects of fatigue on driving

Studies show that fatigue has similar effects to driving under the influence. Fatigue has several effects:

The driver does not care

A drowsy driver can not pay full attention to what is happening on the road. They make hasty decisions, such as changing dangerous lanes. They can easily miss road signs and traffic lights.

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Reduced Reaction Times

Fatigue slows down reflexes. The driver may not be able to react quickly enough when faced with a situation that requires determination. Drivers need enough time to respond to situations, given the enormous weight and size of the trucks.

You end up making bad decisions

A truck driver has to make decisions that match other drivers on the road. However, these decisions require the driver to be vigilant at all times. Fatigue causes the driver to misjudge some situations.

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