The students played wild Holi at BHU, took selfies with friends, see photos

bou holi

After Saturday, BHU students will leave for their homes to celebrate the festival of colors for a week. Holly’s occasion filled the University students with excitement to paint the faces of their loved ones. Before leaving for their respective homes, the entire BHU campus was immersed in the Colors. They all played colors and put goulash on each other with great magnificence.

The students played Holi at BHU / bhupost

The excitement of playing holi was visible to the students from the morning. The volunteers arranged Music and colors in their respective schools to celebrate this festival with joy.

Girls taking selfie on BHU campus / bhupost

The joy of being around hundreds of people after the countless waves of Covid was visible on the faces of the young students. While celebrating Holi, the students playing paints here said that long after Covid, all of us friends have a chance to meet. That’s why it’s great to celebrate Holi this time.

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The Divya of Masters Final Year, immersed in the colors of Holi, said that this time Holi preparations were very well done on the BHU campus. You see, everyone is immersed in Holi with music, thandai, drums and drums on campus.


Manish from the School of Arts said: “I’ve been on campus for the last 6 years and I’m having a lot of fun. Today, after playing Holi with all our friends, we will go to our respective homes for a holiday in Holi. Because of Covid, we celebrate Holi after two years. The Holi Music Festival will last for two hours. “After that, there is a holi of mud in the latter.”

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