The young man killed the girl in the office, complained to the boss

A well-known company employee was accused of killing a colleague. Prior to the murder, the colleague had rejected his proposal. It is said that after that the employee got angry and later took the girl’s life. The body of the colleague was retrieved from the premises of the company.

The incident is from Colorado, USA, where 17-year-old Riley Whitelaw and 28-year-old Joshua Johnson worked at the Walgreens pharmaceutical company. Whitelaw had complained to the manager several times about Johnson. Whitelaw claimed that after rejecting Johnson’s proposal, he began harassing her.

Meanwhile, on June 11, the company’s manager found Whitelaw’s body at the break, according to the Daily Mail. When Whitelaw did not return for a long time after the lunch break, the manager began to look for her. But he found Whitelaw’s dead body.

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After that, the police who arrived at the spot saw that Whitelaw had bruises on his neck and was bleeding. There was a lot of blood on the floor as well. Police later began searching for Johnson following a complaint from the director. The manager said Whitelaw had complained to him about Johnson. He also asked Johnson to change shifts to make up for the distance.

Joshua Johnson killed Whitelow
Johnson is charged with murder.

Another female manager, Ishmael, told police Johnson had been “jealous” since Whitlow’s boyfriend started working for the same company three months ago. At the same time, one person said he heard Whitelaw screaming on the day of the murder. Johnson was also seen covering the cameras on CCTV.

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While people were involved in the Whitelaw murder case, Johnson was in the bathroom. The smell of bleach was coming from him. But when asked, he said he changed clothes. When he came out, people saw scratches on his hands and face.

What did Johnson say after his arrest?

On June 12, the day after the murder, Johnson was arrested from a place far from the city. During questioning, he said he had fallen in love with Whitelaw. But he has no role in the murder, as he now has a relationship with the other manager of the company, Ismail. However, the manager has not said anything about it. Research on the subject is currently ongoing.

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