This wicket cricket is so incredible that it may never happen again

New Zealand cricketer Henry Nichols created a moment that will last forever because of how incredible it was. It’s so crazy, you don’t even have to know cricket to appreciate what’s going on here.

This is indeed a very simple chain of events, but the devil is in the details. Nichols kicked in the middle and his teammate Daryl Mitchell quickly realized that the ball could hit him. To escape the middle, Mitchell turned his body and swung his bat up and around, timing perfectly, allowing the ball to hit his bat and bounce in the air where the player was waiting.

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Before you wonder if this even works in the rules, it’s true – Nichols is out. According to official arrest rules, if: The court player catches the ball after touching the wicket, the referee, another player, runner or other hit.

So in this case, the bat is an extension of the player, so it’s all in the books. That said, it is very unlikely that anyone will believe it. I have been watching cricket for 30 years. During this period, I only remember seeing the bat hit the ball and come in contact with the bat that is not kicked a few times. Even in these cases, I have never seen the ball pop like that, nor did I dream that it could pass perfectly to the player.

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In short: this is a generational drama and we may never see it again.


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