Top 10 series to learn English in a fun way

Watching Netflix TV or series is a great way to learn English. Consider the case! How much time do you spend watching TV shows and movies? About a few hours a day. So why not take this opportunity to improve your English? You have fun, relax and gain new knowledge at the same time.

We do not recommend ignoring other resources. Books will always be an invaluable source of knowledge. But reading alone is not enough to master the language. Listening to native speakers will improve your auditory comprehension, vocabulary and pronunciation.

The best Netflix series to learn English

I never have

It’s a comedy-drama TV series about an Indo-American teenager. Mindy Kaling, an actress in The Office, conceived and produced the show. You will discover the most modern teenage language, such as awks (the short version of awkward, which refers to something uncomfortable).

Basic level

Heartstopper (Hearstopper)

It’s a nice comedy-drama series. Plus, if you’re interested in getting LGBT-related vocabulary, it’s one of the best English language shows on Netflix. The plot focuses on a high school student who tries to reconcile his bisexuality while maintaining his social life.

Intermediate level

Gentefied (Gentefied)

This series is a dramatic comedy about a Mexican-American family living in a Latino neighborhood in California. You will discover American slang and Mexican vocabulary with this resource. This is as you observe this family trying to make the American dream come true.

Tiger King (Tiger King)

If you want to improve your understanding of English and enjoy animals, this is the place for you. Listen to pronunciations from different parts of the United States to train your ear. It’s a mini-documentary series about zoos and their exotic pet owners.

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Advanced level

BoJack Horseman (BoJack Horseman)

Are you more interested in cartoon shows? We recommend this comedy series for a failed actor (voiced by Will Arnett) trying to become successful again. You will have the opportunity to listen to refined conversations and acquire a huge vocabulary.

The best series to learn English on other platforms

What are the best programs outside of Netflix for learning English? It depends on the type of movie you prefer. Here are some of our favorites:

Basic level

Welcome to Sweden (Welcome to Sweden)

It is a comedy starring Bruce, an American accountant who moves to Sweden with his Swedish girlfriend Emma. You can improve your English and accompany the couple in hardship and culture shock with this series.

Narcos (Narcos)

This is a narrative of the DEA’s efforts to capture the legendary drug lord Pablo Escobar. Many Latin actors are present, so you will have no difficulty understanding their English. You will also learn new expressions and vocabulary.

Intermediate level

Family type

It’s an animated family comedy that targets an older demographic. It follows the daily accomplishments of Peter and Lois, their children and their talking dog. You will increase your understanding and discover many idiomatic idioms.

How I met your mother (How I met your mother)

This series will allow you to increase your ability to recognize and understand different dialects. The plot focuses on a gang of young people in New York.

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Advanced level

Game of Thrones (Game of Thrones)

I could not miss this collection of the top English language series. This is the battle for the Iron Throne and contains political debates, war terminology, etc. With its huge variety of characters, you will be able to improve any part of your English.

The advantages of attending series for learning English

Observing a series is seductive and addictive. Once you start watching a series that you like, you will not want to stop! You will be exposed to the language for several hours with little effort on your part. You will gain knowledge without your knowledge.
Each episode of the series lasts no more than 45 minutes. You do not have to spend many hours at a time. Although it is difficult to read just one chapter, as we all know.

You can gain knowledge gradually. Keep subtitles first in English so you can recognize new terms and learn how to pronounce them. In time, you will no longer need them. You do not need to look for expensive applications or software to practice.
Play and keep learning English!

There is no doubt that the series is an excellent source of learning English. It’s much more than just entertainment. It does not matter if you are new or old, you may want to learn advanced expressions and different accents. You will find so much to enjoy that you will have plenty of time to practice for several months.

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