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The UGC has announced guidelines for students to pursue two degrees simultaneously in physical, online or combination mode according to the NEP to offer greater flexibility to students as well as personalization in college.

In a virtual meeting with the media, UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar unveiled UGC’s latest plan to allow students to attend two academic programs simultaneously, including full-time courses.

He said that according to the National Education Policy (NEP), the latest step aims to provide flexibility and personalization to the college and also to enable multidisciplinary education in various fields for students.

With this decision, students will definitely be able to pursue two UG or PG degrees / diplomas with each other in physical + fitness or physical + online mode or online + online mode.

Kumar also said that India’s top universities have been offered the option of offering online study programs, which new standards will be announced in two weeks.

The official list of UGC guidelines for attending 2 synchronized degrees or school programs is expected to be uploaded tomorrow on the UGC website. The new step will be the implementation from the academic year 2022-23 onwards.


The president of the UGC said that the adaptability of allowing students to attend 2 degrees at the same time through different combinations of ways will help students to be educated the way they want, based on the decision made by the universities.

Kumar said this was a time when the ways of teaching and learning open, distance and online education were increasing and also being rapidly adopted by many universities across India.

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He said the NEP wants to help multiple education and learning pathways that consist of a combination of offline ways as well as online ways that offer students the freedom to develop multiple skills.


Some of the highlights of the brand new UGC guidelines for attending two courses at the same time as discussed in the digital meeting are:

1. Students can attend 2 permanent academic programs in the offered natural way so that the hours of the lessons do not overlap. E.g. A student can take BA classes early in the morning and BCom classes in the evening.

2. Students will be able to attend two UG or PG degrees / diplomas together in physical + fitness or physical + on-line mode or online + online mode.

3. Both programs can be continued by the same college or by different colleges

4. Students will have the opportunity to attend multidisciplinary programs. E.g. BA History with BSc Mathematics, BCom Honors with a degree in Data Science and so on

5. The degrees as well as the diplomas that students will obtain with the college in the form of two degrees will definitely be regulated by the UGC as well as by the institutions of higher education.


Some of the other elements that border on the latest UGC decision are described below based on the words of UGC President M Jagadesh Sharma:

1. If a student attends 2 fitness programs, the participation required for each will definitely be decided by the respective universities.

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2. Students are required to comply with the admission requirements for each degree program independently, as if they were following them in a specific way.

3. Based on the modified online curriculum instructions, each student can participate in online school curricula after completing Grade 12.

4. Students can follow both programs starting in different years. E.g. A student can start a BA History degree in 2022 as well as start a Data Science diploma in 2023 while he / she is a sophomore in History.

Numerous access and authorization alternatives, as introduced by the NEP, will certainly apply to all degrees, whether single or dual, on-line or offline, degree or diploma, UG or PG.

6. It is not mandatory for all universities to allow their students to attend two degrees or programs at the same time. The decision to execute or otherwise execute the most up-to-date UGC option depends on them.

7. Students should keep in mind that if they follow two programs where both are in good shape, it can be a problem due to the fact that it can put them under physical pressure to participate in two sets of lessons. In addition, 2 top colleges may not be constantly close to each other so that students can easily move from one collection of courses to another. The UGC president said that as a result, an online combination of physics + may be best for students.

The pursuit of 2 degrees / diplomas is not very easy, as Kumar said that it is “based on the ability of the student” and that this was just an alternative to show even greater flexibility in higher education. WHAT’S NEXT? As the UGC standards for obtaining 2 simultaneous degrees are revealed on Wednesday, all universities in India will definitely have the same education. Universities will certainly inform their legal bodies about the UGC guidelines, as well as the academic regulations that will surely be further developed with the new standards.

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EDIT: The detailed UGC instructions according to the notice released on April 13 are:

1. A student may attend 2 full-time academic programs in physical condition, provided that in such cases the hours for one program do not coincide with the hours of the other program.

2. A student can attend two school programs, one full-time physical education program and another in open and distance education (ODL) / Online mode. or about 2 ODL / Online programs at the same time.

3. Degree or diploma programs under the ODL / Online mode will only be continued with such FORTHs identified by the UGC / Board of Trustees / Government. India for the implementation of such programs.

4. Degree or diploma programs based on these guidelines will be reviewed by the Regulations notified by the UGC and in addition by the respective institutional / professional councils, where applicable.

5. These standards shall enter into force on the date of their notification by the UGC. No retrospective benefit can be confirmed by students who have completed 2 academic programs at the same time prior to the notification of these guidelines.

Direct link to UGC notification with instructions

Direct link to UGC letter to VC

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