Understanding of Priority Confirmation Routes 1 and 2 for Candidate Registered New Students

Hello friends, satu dream.com – Defining Priority Confirmation Routes 1 and 2 for Prospective New Students. Again with the administrator, this time we will provide detailed information about an information that is currently popular.

With the new government regulation on the student enrollment system for the new academic year, either through the Confirmation Path, Priorities 1 and 2, it appears that there are still many people who do not know what it means.

Of course, you will be wondering what are the priority paths of confirmation 1 and 2, so the satu dream administrator has the opportunity to give a review on this.

So let’s look at the discussion in the following article, to get complete information about Defining Priority Confirmation Routes 1 and 2.

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Understanding the Confirmation Path

Understanding of Priority Confirmation Routes 1 and 2 for Candidate Registered New Students
Understanding the Confirmation Path

The path to confirmation is the government’s commitment to increase access to quality education services for children from low-income families. Meanwhile, the local government controls the amount of the quota for this line.

The confirmation path is available to recipients of direct management programs from central or local government, such as KIP holders. As a result, the condition for the confirmation route is that the participants receive state aid.

But you should also be aware that this confirmation path is divided into two priorities, namely priority 1 and priority 2 which we will explain below.

Priority confirmation route 1

  • Children in foster care, as stated in the Family Orphan Card
  • Persons with disabilities, as evidenced by a certificate from the competent authority
  • Children of health workers who died while handling Covid-19 in the DKI Jakarta region, as evidenced by a letter from the head of the health office
  • Children receiving the Jakarta Smart Plus card, as well as the Smart Indonesia program, in addition to the SD
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Priority confirmation route 2

  • The child receiving the Jakarta Smart Plus card is active
  • Children in Integrated Social Welfare and Social Service Data
  • Son of a driver from Tranjakarta who drives a small bus and is recommended by the Ministry of Transport
  • Children of workers with a regional identity who earn at least 1.1 times the minimum wage in the province.

Thus, participants who meet the above criteria can benefit from the confirmation path.


This is an article about Understanding Priority 1 and 2 Confirmation Routes for Prospective New Students that we can share with you. We hope this is helpful and will help you gather accurate information.

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