Vivaspa Percussion Massager 2022 Reviews

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Percussion massagers are handheld devices that provide focused pressure waves deep into muscle cells. Relieves fascia and stiff muscles, replenishes soft tissues, speeds up blood circulation, also minimizes the amount of lactic acid created after training, dramatically reducing the recovery period of muscles. With a rechargeable Deep Tissue Percussion Vivispa hand massage, you can relax as well as relieve stress as well as muscle aches.

This massage has 4 different components, allowing users a wide range of alternative muscle mass treatments. A flat head for the whole body, a ball head for the joints and deep tissue and a round head for huge muscle groups are among the attachments.

Testimonials for the Vivaspa Percussion Massager

It also has an enjoyable ergonomic handle as well as an LCD touch screen with six different fan speeds. Battery life is excellent, lasting just over 2 hours per charge. I prefer to have a variety of devices so that I can immediately reach the source of the problem and have immediate relief. It is an important investment!

Is it true that percussion massage has an impact?

Impact therapy is just as effective as treatment in preventing DOMS, according to a small study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. It is not only possible, but also recommended, to do a shock massage on yourself, as is the case with other types of massage.

Percussion massage is an example of a handheld gadget that transports concentrated pressure waves down to muscle cells. It relaxes the fascia and tight muscles, promotes soft tissue repair, improves blood circulation and reduces the amount of acid produced after exercise, significantly reducing muscle recovery time.

It is important to stay hydrated no matter what you do, be it basketball, sports in general, football, running, training, half marathon, road racing, weight lifting, weight training, muscle building, weightlifting, swimming or whatever.

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What is the best way to use a Vivaspa?

You may have noticed that some of your fitness trainers use these types of percussion massage items at a specific point during your workout. You may also have seen them on TV while watching NBA players and MMA fighters warm up on the pitch before a game.

What is percussion massage and how does it work?

Percussion massagers are action rifle devices with bolts that produce a barrier of short, rapid pulses that reach deep into the flesh to help reduce pain, calm, and repair injured tissue. They have been deliberately developed for use on the go.

This type of treatment has the added potential to improve blood flow and release tense muscles. If you have ever had a percussion massage, you probably know that the therapist uses a few small, light bites from her hands and arms.

The Quantum Percussion Massager can reproduce this 3300 movement repeatedly in one minute at the highest level, which is amazing.


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