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The perceptions and perceptions of people who say that the bike is only for people with money are inseparable.

This is because many people think that spending is sometimes “unreasonable”.

Seeming to give his own opinion, actor Sharnaaz Ahmad admitted that the issue was not a wrong impression.

“The perception is right, just buy a bike to spend a lot of money. The price is unreasonable.

“It’s like I don’t even know why I ride this bike, I feel like an idiot too. But when we play, we know how stupid it is not to ride a bike. “That’s how he feels,” he said.

According to him, although it is quite expensive, but this sport of cycling is not just for the rich.

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“If you know it’s expensive, buy a used bike or second hand.

“If you can no longer afford to buy a cheap je. This thing follows its own ability, if it feels it can be used, no problem.

“I want to measure the clothes on my body, not itch to follow in the pockets of others, but in reality I can not afford it,” he said.

Sharnaaz added, he also advised people to think first before buying a mah4l bike kit.

“Honestly, I think bicycles are very expensive, it’s good to buy a motorcycle. Buy a motorcycle, a motorcycle without a motorcycle.

“So you have to understand nearby, people have money to ride a bike. If there is no money, you do not need to waste it.


“I mean healthy, there are other healthy sports,” he said.

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