What do computer games teach us?

Each of us has played computer games more than once. Virtual reality has long been a special way to immerse yourself in the space, where it is always fun and there are many friends who are always in touch. You can often see how the older generation scolds the younger one for a long time using a computer. Many of them even believe that computer games make children stupid and careless. Because this? Most likely they have not fully understood the games or have never tried to play computer games. After all, if you approach things wisely and choose specific games, you will learn new skills and develop existing ones. After all, experts have long said that, despite common prejudices, with the right approach, computer games are a powerful tool for personal and professional development. Let’s talk about this in more detail and find out exactly what computer games teach us.

Motivation to win and do better

First, not all teens, if we talk about them as part of the target audience, have enough money to buy the toys they want. To do this, they learn to accumulate savings or find ways to earn new ones. And in general, who better than the players understands how important the funds are for what you need. Take World of Warcraft fans for example. They know exactly how important it is to buy wow gold and save money in order to be ready for a raid or any other activity at any time.

And also, many experienced players can start to notice some subtle nuances or flaws in the games and, drawing conclusions, create their own more advanced ones. You could say that it is difficult or even impossible to create a game on your own. In fact, in modern reality, creating one game is quite easy, taking another as a basis. You can get the top engine for free until the game costs $ 1 million, no money will be taken for it.

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Ability to organize a large number of people with a focus on results

To complete some complex group tasks in games, it is important not only to have at least basic analytical thinking skills, but also to be able to organize communication in a team in such a way that it works more productively. Agree, the task is not easy? A large number of such missions in computer games make you practice your communication skills and achieve great heights! It is very likely that in your future work in a modern team you will definitely be appreciated for such an experience! So do not hesitate to write such a skill in your resume if you are an experienced player!

English or any other language

Players say that learning a language from games is much easier than from TV shows or books. After all, this makes sense, because in a sense you are immersed in the linguistic environment in which you play with native speakers. You communicate, you build a strategy, you recognize each other only in another world – the virtual. You just have no choice, you have to speak another language one way or another. Imagine being able to improve your language skills by playing games, perfect, right? Instead, look for strangers who speak the language you are learning and play computer games with them!

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Speed ​​of reaction and efficiency of decision making

You may not have noticed, but for some people, making a quick decision is a real problem. This is because there is a responsibility behind it. Responsibility both for himself and for those around us now and for the consequences in the future. However, it is no secret that each of us has to make the same decisions every day. How to make this process more flexible? Train! How to train? Yes, yes, in video games! Here, what is not a moment is a business decision. You literally constantly need to make a decision quickly, otherwise you or your team may suffer a lot. Isn’t it nice to hit virtual reality to make it easier in real life? And, of course, one can not help but say about the speed of the reaction. This is especially true for fans of war games. If your reactions are slow, bad news! You have to practice long before you win the computer contest! However, always remember: this is a wonderful skill that you will find useful in real life! Be grateful for the toys!


It seems to be obvious. Careless players do not wait for victory. But it is here, in games, that you practice the ability to concentrate and hold your attention for a long time in order to achieve results. It is this ability that is then highly valued at work, family life and just in everyday life! A secondary ability, such as a quick reaction, can even save someone’s life one day! Think, it’s amazing! Is your grandmother still convinced that computer games are a waste of time?

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We live in an age where computer games have become a real commodity, the scale of production of which is growing at an incredible rate. This means that more and more people are developing, creating, writing games stories. People are even becoming online athletes and dedicating their lives to games, enjoying their work! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Fearful!

Ability to lose

Unfortunately or fortunately, you have to miss out on computer games quite often. It does not sound optimistic, but it’s important to look at it the right way! Defeat in both games and life is a constant. Therefore, filling yourself with blows and being able to adequately accept defeat is an excellent skill that will help you save your face and nerves.

This list goes on and on, but we believe that this is enough to convince you that toys are a huge part of human life. This is not just because they often look like plots and characters. This is also because many of the things that toys teach will be useful in everyday life and will improve it. Thanks to these skills, your future job, career building process, your family life, communication with other people can become much easier and more improved. Think about it and tell your relatives, who think that computer games are a waste of time and make you a fool. Get everything from the toys! Good luck!

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