What to do when you get injured at work in Arizona

Accidents happen often at any time in the workplace and can sometimes be fatal. It is vital that you know your rights and understand how employee compensation works. When you are injured at work, you should consider contacting an Arizona Labor Lawyer to help you claim compensation. Taking the appropriate steps will help you get compensation for the medical bills you are charged and the lost salary for this time. Some accidents are serious, so you may never be able to work again. This is why you need to know the steps you need to take to get compensation. This article will describe the steps you need to take when you get injured at work.

Report the injury

When you get injured at work, report it to your employer as soon as possible. Most employees make the mistake of reporting days later and are denied access to employee compensation. In such a scenario, the insurance company and the employer will claim that the incident was not reported in time. The employer may also dismiss claims that the accident may have occurred elsewhere if you do not have the evidence.

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Depending on the size of the injury, you can start by getting some first aid yourself. If you hit and bleed, try to stop the bleeding and rush to the hospital. You can also choose to call an ambulance. At the hospital, be sure to explain to the doctor about the accident and what happened at your workplace. Make sure your doctor records this information in his report. This will help as they provide information to the insurance company and your employer in case of doubt.

Give your employer written notice

After taking care of your health, remember every detail of everything that happened just before and after the incident. Then make a copy for your employer and keep a copy just in case. You can also ask your lawyer to help you with the process, so do not dismiss important information.

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As you care for the injuries, make sure you correct the details of all and all the expenses you incur. Keep a diary of your daily activities and all the challenges you face. Keep notes of all the miles you have to spend on medication and all the bills you pay for the medication. This is vital as you will receive compensation for every expense you spend out of pocket on your prescription.


Some employers and insurance companies often dismiss injury claims to avoid compensating you. This is why it is vital to have a lawyer to help you make such complaints. Also, after the injury, most people get confused and do not know where to start as the injuries can be serious. An extremely reliable lawyer will make the fight easier and stressful for you as they may represent you in court.

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When you get injured at work, make sure you take care of your injury and report the incident to your employer. A good lawyer will ensure that you will receive legal compensation. Do not get tired of going back to work without improving. Going to work can cause you more complications and you will not receive any compensation for it.

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