What will be the fate of the subsidized BLT salary if it is not distributed in 2021

What is the fate of the BLT Salary Subsidy if it is not distributed in 2021 – This morning when I opened my cell phone, it was suddenly announced that the title was Salary Subsidy, there is no certainty so far.

It is undeniable that the Minister of Labor (Menaker), Ida Fauziyah, admits that there is no provision for this year’s BLT income subsidy or BSU funds in the 2021 state budget.

However, the disbursement of the BLT can continue, but we need to understand the current state of the state budget.

“At the moment, indeed in the State Budget of 2021 BSU has not been allocated. “We will see what the economic situation of our next country will be like”, said the minister.

Just like in my previous post, when is the Third Party Salary subsidy disbursed? While there, Ibu Ida Fauziyah also said it could not be confirmed that the distribution of wage subsidy aid would continue or be abolished this year.

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He transferred this to the ranks of DPR RI Committee IX, during the evaluation work of the program a few days earlier.

However, it is essential to know whether or not the BLT Salary Grant Program will continue depending on the Coordinating Minister of Economy as Chairman of the Covid-19 Management Committee and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN).

However, said Ibu Ida, the BLT Salary Program will continue in 2021 if Indonesia’s economic conditions remain volatile due to Covid-19.

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BLT Unpaid Salary Subsidy

Then what about the candidates who have not been paid the BLT Salary Subsidy ?, For the employees whose BLT subsidy has not been allocated in terms 1 and 2, ie (November to December 2020), then it will be redistributed in January until it is completed.

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But of course all the conditions that have been requested have been met and have been met.

The Minister of Labor also added that to help the current workers, the government continues to try to add new programs in addition to subsidizing wages and salaries below 5 million in 2020.

One of these additional programs is the cooperation and the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the General Directorate of Binalattas and BBPLK Medan with partners such as PHRI (Indonesian Association of Hotels and Restaurants).


This is not a final conclusion … but a temporary conclusion, because the government’s programs and efforts regarding the salaries of BLT subsidiaries are still ongoing.

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And then for employees who are candidates for Unpaid Wage Subsidy, this is constantly sought by the Ministry of Labor.

As for those who have already been paid, continue to follow the latest information from the government on what will be the fate of the BLT Salary Subsidy if it is not available in 2021.

Source: Portalsocial.link entitled: Minister Ida finally admits that the BLT salary subsidy was not distributed in 2021

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