Where is Jason Drusha going after leaving the WCCO? His salary and the Wiki Bio

Jason Derusha spoke goodbye at WCCO This Morning on June 23. He had worked for the television neighborhood for 19 years.

In 2003, Jason became a reporter for the WCCO. He was ready to make a name for himself in all the ideas of the audience. After only about 10 years as a weekend presenter and WCCO Good Question reporter, he started working as a morning presenter.

The reporter was curious about quitting his job as a result of the morning anchor for two months and had talked about it earlier. After the data received out here, many people are upset because they are used to listening to Deroussa.

The journalist wants to work at the WCCO station on explicit duties and daily shifts. On his last day as a morning presenter, his co-presenters and WCCO TV wished him well and reminded him of fantastic events.

Jason Drusha

Why Jason Drusha is leaving WCCO – Where is he going?

Jason, from Illinois, said that after more than 11 years in the anchor office, he wants to spend more time together with his family.

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Derusha has been the host of WCCO This Morning Stream since 4:30 p.m. until 7 a.m. during the week. In addition, it helps host the WCCO Mid Morning from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

He also talks about information about the weekly DeRusha Eats. Having a busy schedule, he now wants to be more organized and follow a routine.

However, it will be located throughout the studio of the WCCO-AM 830, the place where it may host its new radio stream from 3 to 6 p.m. The stream will start on June 27 and will be broadcast through the week.

Bring Me the News quoted Jason as saying, “I look forward to bringing my love for Minnesota and West Wisconsin, as well as my twenty-year interest in our neighbors and our news, to 830 WCCO.”

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After Jason stopped being a presenter, WCCO CBS News Minnesota wanted to make a huge change to the program to ensure that all screens bought the same time frame. All the staff bought collectively to need luck in the end and thank him for being the morning anchor for more than 27,000 breakfasts.

Jason Derusha New job and salary?

The presenter who has won 11 regional Emmy Awards will start a new job as a model as a result of hosting a daily podcast on WCCO Radio.

Twitter was filled with rumors that Jason was leaving the WCCO to open a standard new restaurant or start his own private business, but the reporter himself said the rumors were not true. WCCO radio will, however, use it in new tasks.

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The current reporter, DeRusha Eats, has been named a finalist for the James Beard Award for Outstanding Television.

Anchor and report earn between $ 72500 and $ 144600 every 12 months. As of 2022, the journalist has a web value of more than $ 1 million.

Deroussa wants to try new things and reveal a balance between his professional and family life. So, after just 20 years of work, he abandons the current morning microphone.

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