Who makes Urfi Javed Fashion Stylish? Learn about the hairdresser

Urfi Javed emerged from the Bigg Boss OTT and became a social media sensation. Urfi has made a splash in the internet world with its unique fashion. Urfi often does new experiments and surprises fans. Urfi Javed is currently busy showcasing her sewing talent in front of the world. Urfi constantly surprises the world with its impeccable style and fashion. We told you who helps design Urfi clothes, but do you know who makes Urfi? Who manages to match hairstyles with every Urfi outfit? I do not know, let’s tell you.

This is the Urfi Javed Hair Stylist

Urfi Javed, no one can guess what to do. Urfi fashion is always there, but the actress’s appearance is always up to date. Urfi hairstyle is also unique with each dress. Urfi Javed completes all the fashionable looks of the Jaiswal song. Urfi also often tagged Geeta in her post and thanked her.

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Geeta Jaiswal also continues to post videos on her social media account preparing Urfi. Miss Javed herself decides which hairstyle to wear to every Urfi appearance, but Geeta does the work to prepare it well. Geeta has also been spotted at every Urfi outdoor event.

Urfi Javed continues to experiment with new hair styles. Urfi often appear to carry new hairstyles with every outfit. Fans also really like Urfi’s fashion game.

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