Why do students need technology in the classroom?

Today technology has become an integral part of our lives. It is used in every field, so it could not be used in the educational field. COVID-19 showed us how useful technology and tools were to continue educating students in such times, but it also revealed how the education system of schools, colleges and universities needs to be changed and upgraded. Because every institution around the world, no matter how reputable, is not equipped with the right digital infrastructure to adapt to changing times, the greatest interaction that students can have with technology in their schools or colleges is in their computer labs or attending lectures via a projector.

But this is not the only use of technology in education, there are much greater uses of technology in education, such as the use of video conferencing applications and educational applications for teach online during the pandemic period. However, as schools and colleges reopen and students return, educational institutions need to add technology to classrooms for many reasons.

Let’s find out why technology is so important in the classroom today. Keep reading the article.

Why do students need technology in the classroom?
Why do students need technology in the classroom?

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Makes the student’s technology ready

There is a difference between sending texts to friends and sending e-mails for project work, and students need to understand that using technology alone is not just for fun. Students can be taught how to make the best use of technology and tools when they are allowed to use them and be given the appropriate training to handle a variety of educational tools such as creating reports using excel, presentations using PowerPoint presentations or creating digital notes. This can be done when they are exposed to technology in their schools and colleges, where all these things should be taught under the guidance and instruction of teachers.

Creates a Learning Environment

It is now obsolete that the use of devices, internet and technology distracts students from their studies, with so many online learning resources such as online libraries, Wikipedia and encyclopedias, students only learn new skills and knowledge from technology. If technology is used properly in the classroom, teachers can create a perfect learning environment for students. Technology can facilitate collaboration, interaction, and creativity in the classroom, for example, using WhatsApp to instantly streamline important notifications, create group projects using Powerpoint, or create a digital mind to understand a topic. There are many uses for technology in a classroom.

Access to infinite learning resources

There are several online learning resources that teachers can use in the classroom to better learn and understand the topics. For example, teachers can refer students to e-books for reading, use simulation games to teach students concepts and skills, and make learning fun or teach students moral values ​​by showing moral videos.

Better results

Why do students need technology in the classroom?
Why do students need technology in the classroom?

So many studies and researches have shown and proved that people remember visuals and images more than texts, and the same is true for students. When educational technologies such as video lectures, animated videos and slide shows are used to teach and explain the concepts of the topics to the children, they understand them better and remember them for a long time. And when they start remembering their concepts, they will be able to perform better in their exams resulting in better learning outcomes.

He is engaged in Studies

No child wants to pick up their old boring books to study, but using tools like simulation games, animated videos, e-books, and audiobooks can motivate students to learn and study more than anyone else. motivational quotes for studentsas the use of these teaching tools in the classroom keeps students connected to their chapters and motivates them to keep learning.

Personalized Learning

Each child’s learning needs are different from the others and it would be impossible for teachers to modify their teaching methods according to each student. But with technology, it is possible, as different learning resources are available to different learners to suit their learning style and meet their learning needs. For example, one student learns better through listening and another student understands better through visual imagery, so what the teacher can do is suggest audio books and video lectures for both.

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