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AFTER the issue of director Syamsul Yusof’s household becomes increasingly hot and questionable among Internet users, his wife, Puteri Sarah Liyana, appeared to give an answer on the subject.

Sarah said she knew there was speculation that Siamsul was engaged and married to Ira Kazar, but chose not to worry about it.

After four years of silence before the test, Sarah said she was now honest with what had happened and hoped her husband would be fair and not forget his responsibility as a father to his children.

“After four years of this happening to me, I went through many trials and criticisms. I chose to remain silent.

“But as long as I want to stay calm and leave my mentally ill. I do not want my children to see me in such a situation, it will affect them later.

“I have to be honest with what happened, I have to continue to live as usual. “Focus on your career, your kids and your family,” he told mStar.

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Ira Kazar denies being engaged

As if trying to say that he knows that his name is now being discussed by the public due to speculation that Syamsul Yusof’s fiancé, Ira Kazar, gave a small idea to his Instagram Stories (IGS) last night.

Through IGS, the son of the veteran actor, Kazar Saisi, informed that he is still free at the moment.

“By the way, I’m still single okay!” he said briefly.

Before announcing the statement, Ira was seen as soon as he finished watching a movie called Black Phone in a movie theater.

As she was leaving the stage, Ira made some personal comments about the film before suddenly giving a “hint” about her current situation.

Ira’s action is unquestionable, as if it has to do with the current situation that so far many are wondering about the truth of the speculation about his relationship with Siamsul.

Yesterday, it was spread on social media for a post on a gossip forum claiming that the actor’s husband, Princess Sarah, was safely engaged to Ira.


Through the delivery of the delivery and the display of a screen on social media by a user named HannahMontana, the party informed that the father of two children is already engaged.

“Syamsul and Ira Kaza are already engaged. “Good engagement Syamsul !!!!!!!!!”, he wrote.

In addition, the screenshot was later shared by Syamsul’s wife, actress Puteri Sarah Liyana on Instagram Story (IGS) while giving a special talk about Syamsul.

“Thank you my DM. If so, Alhamdulillah. “Do not forget the responsibility to the children”, he said.

Recently, “Instagram Live” Puteri Sarah was in turmoil after Internet users claimed that the child of veteran actor Kazar Suisi, Ira, was also involved on Friday night.

At the time, the 37-year-old actress was sharing the health status of her 5-year-old son, Syaikhul Islam, who had to be admitted to a medical center due to a fever due to a viral infection of the throat.

The results of OhBulan! ‘S observation, the comments section was filled with various responses from Internet users, who were generally surprised by Ira’ s presence.

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Ira Kazar came in alive.

Exactly at Ira Kazar do you go out live?

Ira Kazar is busy live.

However, a few minutes later, a fan of Puteri Sarah Liyana owner Megat Kamaruddin told Ira that he was “gone”.


Meanwhile, drama actor Melastik Ke Hatimu also responded after reading the written comments.

Do you want to chase me? Do you want to chase me? I am busy.

Earlier, the media reported that Syamsul and Ira were reportedly getting married and the actor had even met with his father-in-law to discuss their marriage.

For information, Syamsul and Puteri Sarah were married on March 8, 2014 and had two bright eyes, namely Syaikhul Islam and Sumayyah.

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