“You Guys Are Sick!” – Sharifah Sakinah Berang Rambut Anak Dijek

Actress Sharifah Sakinah appeared to express her anger over the comments of netizens who criticized the appearance of the hair of her daughter, Anais Adha.

Sharifah Sakinah was seen in an Instagram post uploading a snapshot of the local news portal headline about her daughter and describing the internet user who mocked Anais as “sick”.

“You are sick!” He wrote.

via Instagram Sharifah Sakinah

The actress also invited her followers on Instagram to discuss why there are still people who condemn her daughter Afro hairstyle.

“Let’s talk about why people make fun of Anais for Afron’s beautiful hair.” – said Sharifah Sakinah.

via Instagram Sharifah Sakinah

Artistic friends and fans give words of encouragement

via Instagram Sharifah Sakinah

In the comments section, the average artist and fan friend gave words of encouragement to Sakinah, with some even praising Anais’s hair as naturally beautiful.

“You are still beautiful Anais!” – Anzalna


“Dude, everyone is crazy. Let’s fight and everything will be successful. ”-Scha Al-Yahya

“She is beautiful.” – Marion Counter

“How can people want to progress if the brain is so far behind? The beautiful hair was attacked. You also insult the creation of God “.

“I like Anais’s hair. Beautiful tau..Original. “It’s difficult for other people to do in the living room.”

via Instagram Sharifah Sakinah

For information, Sakinah married Alif Adha Jamil in March 2015. However, they decided to divorce in May 2020. As a result of their collaboration, they were blessed with a daughter, Anais Adha.

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Sakinah is now the wife of a Swede named Michael Hansen, as announced last February.

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